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Sat, Jan 30


Breathe Fully & Deeply

Today, Right Now

Take a moment to fully breathe Deeply and Naturally In and Out

Today, Right Now
Today, Right Now

Time & Location

Jan 30, 2021, 12:01 AM

Breathe Fully & Deeply

About the event

So often, when we are thinking a lot thought or feeling a lot feelings

our breathe becomes hyper, short, and shallow

causing anxiousness, nervousness, even leading to panic attacks

we simply forget to stop 

check IN with ourselves 

and breathe INtentionally fully and naturally

It is super easy to take 60 seconds 

to fully inhale, filling belly and lungs comfortably full

hold briefly

then exhale fully, allowing the ahhhhhh to flow

repeat this about 4-5 times

feel the wave of energy in your breath fill you completey

you will even feel the energy pulse through your heart

repeat, allowing your heart 

to restore your energy with love

you will even begin to feel the electrifying 

response in your cells that radiates 

out through your finger tips and toes

try it through the day, taking 1 minute

to give yourself the care you need

you will feel it, and so will every one around you

Have fun and be sure to pop in here 

to share your findings with others 

breathe & INjoy your day fully

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