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the fine prints are essential information to know

It is necessary & important for every legal intent & purpose... to establish and maintain clear & legal transparency.

Please read the following statement fully & completely to understand my deep INtegrity for both the current systems in life

as well as every soul I come in contact with discussing health topics of any & every nature.

Health Care Choice Is A Sovereign Human Right.

All risks are the personal responsibility of, & assumed by, all visitors to this site and all paying clients.

There are NO invasive procedures & NO physical contact involved, unless you book me for a local, in-person session.. 

*FDA Disclaimer 

Any statement, information, and insights sharing natural, traditional, ancient wholistic health practices, modalities, and products, are currently deemed alternative, and all is currently considered information that has *not* yet been chosen to be deeply studied nor approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The products, practices, insights, freely shared opinions, and this information are *not* intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, ailment, or perceived adverse situational result. It is highly advised that each and every individual do their own research, and legally assume all personal risk, personal liability, and personal responsibility upon oneself, as well as consult your own chosen physician(s) before beginning any product and physiological or exercise program. Prior to using any product, research and download the facts directly from the product source site and take them with you to your chosen physician for oversight.

Your health is your full personal responsibility.

My INtentions are ALWAYS honestly FOCUSED in light & unconditional  love for the Highest Greatest Good of All, my family, my friends, my clients, and the physicians & specialists with whom they & I cooperatively & INtegratively work together. 

*FDA Disclaimer: FAQ
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