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Chewing On Life: a kinesthetic exercise for bringing awareness to the subtle Mind-Heart-Body

Once a parent always a parent.

Gopher it or not ๐Ÿ˜…

We all have parents, like it or not.

Same goes with self.

Go for the self, or not go for the self.

We are both our ally & our enemy, withIN.


Past is past.

Now is now.

Future is future.

While, we coexist together.

Verb tenses are exclusive.

Now is not the past.

Now is not the future.

Now is simply, THE NOW MOMENT,

which is temporary.

Past & future are simply reference points, book ends, if you will.

Parenting is hard, parenting the self is harder.

Hard creates strength & resilience withIN,

no matter what is or is not going on with those around us.

Hard Facts:

Internal is INternall

External is EXternall.

We cannot ever separate from ourselves.

There is never any going back to the past.



We ONLY can ever observe it,

feelings are YOUniquely arbitrary.

Even if we falsely tell ourselves we are going backward, which is an illusion we create for ourselves.

We are always creating & recreating OR procreating our emotions which make up our current energetic field, our sense of fluidity or influidity.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda, blame, shame, guilt, regret are all hypotheticals- illusions...until we assign an emotion to them which then becomes the response/reaction of, for, to, & by the subtle Mind-Body connections & disconnections, we all make the nonphysical INto the physical. We even call situations matters.

We all do NEED to connect & disconnect from one another at different times for, with &_or without, different reasons for, with &/or without different people.

THE Caveat:

We are never given the chance to fully disconnect from our Whole Self.

But we can choose *how* to INgage or DisINgage the way we think of our selves and our own lives, whenever in time we choose to.

We are after all the only ones actually creating our own lives.

Whether we choose to like what we have created thus far or not, has no hold on us today or in the future,

unless we choose to hold ourselves back.

In the Now we ask of ourselves & each other,

What Am I/are you doing right now, today?

This is precisely when our Divine Gift of doing becomes creating.

And the Creative Self is Consciously Awake,

rather than ignored, subdued, lulled, put sleep.

"The want to do"


"The need/have to do."

Rewrites are simply upgrades.

To help us going from sleep walking to awake walking.

The illusion of

be, do, have

have, do, be

Pops right here

and we can choose to leap INto

be, do, create & ALL possibilities of having become surprises of expectationless INjoyment in motion.

We even laugh when the clown pops out of the box, even when we are expecting it we jump with a spark of energy.

Harnessing the withIN that sparks is an ever learning process. It is ONLY ever the Self we can control.

Thus plans we make for tomorrow

(tomorrow inevitably out of our control that becomes today) we do try to control, try as we might...our plans, ideas, & dreams are the ONLY things in life withIN our control.

Let's boil that one hard fact down to its concentration point & chew on it for a while, shall we?

The plans we make for ourselves at any given moment in time are the ONLY things within our control.

Compromise with others is thus a necessary breathing, even for the hermit, he must eat. If if others are simply plants & animals.

In any given moment we absolutely choose what we want to do. The choice of how we feel about what we choose is ours, only ours.

We INnately are communal BEings....and so goes the ebb & flow of comfort (ease) & discomfort (dis-ease).

When we realEYES these BASIC INNATE qualities of our Selves, ONLY then *can* we cognize our awareness into conscious awareness.

Cognition is a process that comes by way of awareness, awareness itself brings the unconscious (autonomic) self into union with The conscious as both the pre-dicate & the subject.

Whew!!! That's a mouth full, ear full, & mind full, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. ๐Ÿฅฐ

SEE the fullness just come out & about... simlly because it already exists.

Okay now...

Bring, what I like to call,

Mental Exercises INto Physical Exercises

(a kinesthetic exercise for bringing awareness to the subtle mind body connection)

"From Mind set to Mind FULL"

A Fun Mind Reprogramming Exercise:

"Gumming Life with Teeth"

๐Ÿ’ฅGet your favorite kind of gum.

๐Ÿ’ฅto chew on, its called *bubble* gum,

& is a great tool for comprehending & self assessing how we actually create personal bubbles with both our unconsciousness, subconsciousness, & our consciouness,


with The Test BEing One's Own *Current* Life as a WHOLE

*WITH* The Bonuses Built/Created withIN.

So here's the quizzing part...

Have fun quizzing yourself from withIN,

rather than spazzing yourself out.

Have fun with it, Life that IS.

Unfold/Unwrap it.

It is the Present that creates Presence.

See how powerfull words are & language is?

Lingual also means tongue.

This can be likened *to speaking* both in tongues and *with* our own native tongue.

Okay, FOR the gumming part...

Put the gum of your choice, any gum,

in your Mouth,

Chew it, Smack it, chomp it, suck it to the roof of your mouth, stick it there, hold it, stroke it, push on it, flatten it, pull on it, twist it, blow it into bubbles, pop it, smash it, explode it, chew it all up again. Repeat.

Care full not to get it in your hairs (both on your face/in your face, in/on your hair...

all which represents the expected & unexpected potential messiness of life that Life can be & is *some* times.

Note what you observe both with your thoughtfulness & unthoughtfullness.

Create notes of any kind,

written & sound,

simply are both gages of our own attention, INtention, & awareness of thoughts INTO the physical with sound both benign & nonbenign.

Note any triggers:

Texture (how it feels)


Taste....tastey, or not, or some what?

What signaling a noun or state of BEing...the who we think we are that BEcomes who we are. The how we BE-HAVE part of this exercise.


Do this both facing the mirror & then turning our backs to the mirror...which mirror self observation & observation of others. Turning one's back is a phrase we humans colloquially use that represents potentially ignoring ourselves &/or then others.

Simply Consciously note your observations

of your thoughts created first INto self talk, mind chatter, or even written self talk with journaling. How we choose to journal our journey does not matter, yet...

simply BEcause no one else is INvolved, yet.

This exercise INcompasses a whole bunch of things that INnately & INevitably turn, shift, shape, & reshape our beliefs, our con-stitution, our liberties, our securities, our insecurities, our vulnerabilities, our consciousness, our self consciousness, our patterns, our habits, our own built IN pattern INterrupts, & so on.


Have fun with it, Life that is.

We ALL just want life to be a good taste in our mouth. Don't we?

And, thus we come to identify our current preferences, like & like not life, like or like not ourselves, thus BEcome simply indicators.


the circle back of coming back full circle,


We ALWAYS get to choose to BE & choose to BEcome exactly who we are at any given point in time,

freewill is freewill.

Choose to BE:

A tool

An INstrument

Be tooled

Tool ourselves

Tools Ourselves, WE ARE.

Tools BEget Skills.

We thus then BEcome skillFULL.

Skill Levels of Tools BEing the bonus "flavors" of BEing sweet & sour with ourselves & others.

Cheeky, eh?

To chew on/in ourselves and then spit ourselves back out.

Everything we do is like that as we do it.

What goes in, ALWAYS comes back out,

even if we swallow it...

IN which point presents...

will it get stuck or come back out in our own shit.

Yes, we absolutely create our own shit.

*IF* our attention is focused on thinking that shit out there that we first choose IN our minds to focus on is not our shit to begin the point we pop/shatter the self illusions that INnnately become illusions/lies we tell ourselves, consciously & unconsciously.

Honesty (full ON OPENness) with ourselves is the pre-cursor of Trust.

We always get to choose where we place the cursor in life & can use our fingers or a mouse.

Try twisting the gum around your finger.

Loose & loosening represented by the finger.

Tight, constricting, cutting off both oxygen & blood from the mind to the extremities.

Extremes are just two sides of the same coin.

This exercise is Multidimensionally INterconnected and YOUnique for each person and is different EVERY SINGLE TIME.

No two times BEing exactly the same.

And, such is the life of us IN Life Itself.

The Power of our Thoughts & our Words carry energy *coursing* INto the physical:

our physical BEing AND the physical World around us.

Kinesthetic studies show reinforcement patterns, like them or not.

The more INgrained our meanings are to us, the more dense they BEcome.

Keep chewing the gum until it has nothing left & it INevitably looses its vim & vigor & leaves our jaws stiff & painful...which represents if we hold anything in our mouths too long...we are not the only ones/things effected AND affected.

๐Ÿ’ž NOW,





Over time, note things about how this exercise effected & affected your views of yourself & thus your views of the world around you,

seen or unseen, heard or unheard.

Please forgive any typos.

If typos impede meanings transcribed, simply ask yourself...what do I currently think, believe, say & do the meaning of your life to BE? INtrinsically or Extrinsically motivated?


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