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Detoxing the "V's n' thing$" OUT of the body: A quick one YOU may be INterested IN

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Dr. Schwartz & Jason Shurka on

Detoxing the "V's n' thing$" OUT of the body.

Trace Minerals in Fulvic & Humic acids prep the body to absorb supplements & nutrients.

Tried supplements that worked for others but not for you?

Don't worry, mineral deficiency & magnetic biofrequency blocks cause unseen unheard massive trauma that has sadly long been turned a blind eye trading for undue $uffering that conventionally in-doctor-nators were INtentionally never taught.

BOO acts like a magnet that draws things not meant to be in the body & NOT serving any one WELL at all.

We can add in & cut out all sorts of very importantly INterconnected things & continue coping with cascading after maths, or we can replace the keystones to our bodies structures & restore our temples to pristine health, or at least better than it currently is if dis-ease has been running rampant in the body for most of one's life.

And our military has always been the first of the first of compulsory guinea pig$, with doctor$, nur$e$, & first responders, babies, & children all close seconds.

Yes, there is a community chock full of primary testimonies of SUPER POWERED BOO literally helping tens of thousands of men, women, & children not only detox but rid themselves of MANY issues that have been causing their health grave harm.

Feel Free to ask me to send you the engraved INvite with YOUR NAME already on it 🤩


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