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Does consumerism have anything to do with modern day capitalism? Yes, consumerism drives demand

CO2 gas relational exchange between humans & trees is SO essential to life. It's not as complicated to understand when all the intentional lies are peeled back from behind the curtain. This stage has been playing in the wide open yet very misunderstood in the environmentalist movement. Notice that the Earth & ALL of Creation has been speaking clearly? Who & what have we collectively really been listening to & believing?

LBJ ushered it in to the US:

WE The People are only part of the problem of controlled corruption. Supply & demand don't just create themselves. People do.

Shifting is easy.

If money makes the world go round & our once good efforted business have been selling us out just for more money. Yes, Tom's of Maine is just ONE of MANY companies lured in to the empty promi$e... $elling out to monopolist Colgate. And, yes, the current TOM product$ are NOT the original products. Some of us do look beyond labels. We see what & who is poi$ing them$elve$ so well to as to be lauded by the collective for using the money we pay them to take America & the World down.

Do you think that insatiable greed will win this war?

I do not believe WE have lost hope yet.

Are you hopeful?

Why or why not?

The change we create is not Earth shattering.

Staying this course isn't either, it's just shattering the gifts of adorning Creation & humanity.

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