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Energy Pathways for Life and the very helpful Healy Map tool.

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Are you a curious soul?

Suffering or know someone who is suffering in one or many ways, shapes, & forms?

You are freely invited to come along with me for a quick journey... all you need to bring with you is curiosity & a little preciously needed time for yourself.

INjoy a full breath or three to ground & center yourself comfortably as we BEgin...

here & now with the basics of interconnectedness: homeostasis & cohesiveness. Those are big words, please don't scare yourself off by those two big words as I unpack them in a way that is hopefully easy for you to understand:

Salt of the Earth 🌎💖🌟

salt of the earth

1. A person or group considered as embodying simplicity and moral integrity.

2. Archaic A person or group considered the best or most worthy part of society.

Did you know that salt is also considered by some historians to be the first form of money some chose long, long ago to morph a crystalline energy form into a form of monetary exchange? Money is now counterfeitly so over inflated and valued on flimsy fiat money that is self imploding by historical design.

Did you know that scientists link history to their observations knowing that our soils have been being repetitively depleted for centuries with monopoli$tic forms of "civilized" dictorial tyranny repeatedly en$laving humanity?

We are not separate races to be won over binarily-minded lines drawn in sand.

We are Humans.

We each are energetical Spirits who simply have Souls Divinely Created with YOUnique coverings for our physical forms we call skin.

Salt is not the only $eized & monopolized form of energy con-verted into a form of money used in exchange to intentionally & forcefully move people$, thing$, & $ervice$ from place to place.

Salt is also not only a vital crystalline mineral, if pure, & unadulterated by any laboratory method, and used moderately well, it itself holds energy withIN its electron-ic bonds that our bodies use. Our physical bodies are afterall made up of mostly salinated water for very specifically Created reasons. Our tears so evidently remind us of this basic fact. We, too, are energy held together in form with moving parts led in turn by INternal autonomic commands led by electron-ic signals moving along our neurological pathways that originate in the brains of our mind, heart, & gut all Designed to work freely in harmony together.

Take a deep full breath or three again, quiet your mind, release any muscle tension, & this time focus on how you feel your energy pulse through your body & out your finger tips & toes. If you can't feel your energy moving in tandem with your breath yet, don't worry with diligent attentive & practiced choice you will.

Who exactly made all the myriad choices that have globally bound u$ here today, stuck holding the bag of consequence$ $iphoning not only our pocket$ & bag$ but our physical, mental, & spiritual bodie$, too, leaving us so overwhelmed and on empty with depleted & depleting energy? Is it really us to take the blame, shame,, & guilt doled out with fears of the unknown-to-us sitting idly by as blind faithful trusting followers?

The WHO, does it really matter?

It is in choosing to distract ourselves with the who's, why's, what's, where's, & when's that we also choose to temporarily block from our own views the present NOW moment for the gift that IT IS that we can instead actually choose to freely share as we collectively shift how we choose to pass our exchange of "all this" into the hands of our future generations?

Are we responsible for how thick the mess has become? Yes. Our birthrighted freewilled choices are collectively the driving force. Whole Health & Well BEing are truly in our very own YOUnique hands, that deserve our undivided awareness and attention now more than ever before.

Priceless Humanity deserves to finally be truly cared for & thus highly valued in return.

You, I, and every One on this Earth deserves to be truly & freely cared for & valued for the pricelessly immense worth that we each are Created to BE.

We simply find ourselves here & now with heavy unneeded baggage & depleted energy, siphoned by monopolized greed & lust for power, having long allowing ourselves to be led astray with everything about us being counterfeitly inflated with fiat monoploly money cornering every free market on the globe into a very preconceived death trap.

Why are WE here exactly anyway?

Do you think we are each here for very specific reasons or by happenstance?

Have you figured out your soul purpose yet?

Have you even made time to figure yourself out yet? Have you allowed others the time to figure themselves out yet, or not? We're not just here to be trained, bought, corraled, branded, & sold. There are very significant & YOUnique reasons we are each here, just not everyone remembers for themselves yet. We simply are all different & here on different paths for very INterconnected reasons that are continually unfolding throughout infinite time.


Where is here?

Where are we NOW?

We are at the crossroads that naturally interconnect & join at a hub like the spokes of a wheel spiraling up to higher perspective pathways considering who & what is & is not essentially killing humanity, one & all.

What exactly are we not $uppo$ed to learn for ourselves or not $uppo$ed know about & speak of that has been hush hushed in the hallow$ of centuries' old repetitively crooked echo$? Not all echos of history are crooked. Some are honestly & simply straight forward.

True integrative and complimentary medicine do exist and have existed since the dawn of the Earth purely to assist us in this life from the time we are born until the time we die.

When we choose to stand in the NOW present moment, we stand at the hub of our own living crossroads with ALL kinds of in-form-ation flashing so brightly in our eyes & echoing with myriad sounds in our ears all around us. It all can be overwhelmingly blinding & deafening if we do not choice to sit quietly & closely observe, ourselves first and foremost.

WE collectively are simply not seeing the signs or hearing the echos as both repeated hi$tory bombard us and new-to-us in-form-ation supplies us for whatever today & the future may YOUniquely reveal to any of us.

We learn with light, communicate with sound, & operate with invisible & inaudible energetical frequencies. We only can live in fully experencing the NOW, the past is what it is & the unpredictable future will only be what it turns out to be when we get there or not given the driving force of birthrighted freewill.

We only see & hear what we choose to focus on & tune IN to.

Depleted essential minerals, that were Created to help us neurologically commune-icate withIN ourselves & with one another, are difficult to find now; & no, they are NOT needles in haystacks. Everything & everyone has an energetic blueprint, just like salt. We collectively are just beginning to learn that others have deciphered frequency signatures of many things, living & nonliving, & are teaching each other how to learn how to use them. The focal point: teaching how to learn- how to think not what to think.

Very well known to some curious souls, Quantum knowledge completely interconnects everything & everyone and multidimensionally ascends Humanity's consciousness.

"Fringe" scientists have actually been on the right path all along, discovering that energy is MUCH MORE than we have ever been led to believe.

Evolution with a lowercase e means transformational change that occurs over long periods of time. Evolution with a capital E attempts to strictly in-doctor-nate us into believing we are animals descending from monkeys who cannot be trusted to learn how to control ourselves.

Why is it that the ego is often referred to as the monkey mind?

Does the ego serve a greater purpose for our YOUnique consciousness?

What is consciousness?

How about superconsciousness?

Ever here the term superconsience or superconscious in psychology class?

Humans are not animals, not pets to train to artifical programs of thinking, & not puppet$ to be $trung on $tage$.

We are intelligent Divinely Created Wholly Spiritual Energetic BEings, and those that have claimed to be our ma$ter$ disguised as leaders & representatives for centurie$ have $tolen & $old us into $y$tem$ we unconsciously & repetively have parrotted, without questions allowed, collectively re$elling ourselves & have repeatedly bought into the trap of ignoring & neglecting everyone & everything precious to us, starting with ourselves.

Humanity is truly awakening & evolving INto Its Divinely Created Awareness that WE are SO much more than WE have ever been taught & led to believe by any one or anything through out time.

We "happen" to find our trueselves when we are lost in our own writhing confusion of dis-ease & frustration. And we find

that we are missing essentials for this trip that our parents & teachers did not know about nor understand we really needed in order to think well, live well, & once had learned freely how to nutritionally use eons ago.

Essential minerals to whole health & well BEing are just one energetical component of life interconnected with ALL energetical components of life.

When we BEcome freely open to ALL infinitely & variably possible ways, finding ourselves opening the pandora boxes of new-to-us ideas & experiences mapped out by our own curiosity to learn for ourselves can seem SO confusing when we first awake, especially if we weren't ready to be woken up just yet.

Practicing & learning how to rely on our YOUnique Divine INtuition helps us choose pathways to approach & greatly helps us choose each of our steps for ourselves wisely with YOUnique discernment.

We are YOUnique Soul-full Spirits living withIN vehicles we call bodies for this Earthly experience we call life.

Energy exchange is our fuel for life in both the bonds we make & the bonds we break. It is time to break the bonds of systemic dis-ease and make bonds for systemic healing.

We are not out of the densely poisoned woods yet. There are Energy Healers here having prepared themselves for many decades out of the peripheral sight of many, even those near to them, brightly guiding the way UP & out, who deeply understand the interconnectedness of energy to our health & well BEing.

Dis-ease is simply the physical body's way of communicating to us without words that we are quickly getting no-where near our Divine Potential and on empty- empty of energy.

Ever talk with a person heart to heart about their chronicly severe di$-ease$ & ailment$? Most freely tell me sadly, "I just can't go on like this anymore."

When we are dealing with dis-ease weighted down with ALL the INcoming new-to-us in-form-ation distracting our current held views & beliefs, we blindingly forget we are standing at the hub of a wheelhouse of in-form-ation.

In-form-ation is only seen with light & heard with sound, visibly & invisibly, audibly & inaudibly.

In-form-ation is just that information.

Information itself has no judgment, until we choose to attach to it our protectively limited ego (often derogatorily referred to as our monkey mind).

Information is still there even if it is currently beyond the edgey shadows of our own perception, seemingly hiding in our own blindspots. Perceptions give way to thoughts which give way to words (spoken & unspoken) which give way to choices as to which way we choose to then look & thus go.

Dis-ease is truly is a rooted symptom alerting us that energetical blocks are obstructing lighted pathways of energy traveling along our neurological pathways.

Our eyes, ears, & minds are not the only things life perceives itself to be at any point in time. Life itself is persceptively coded in the Created DNA of everything & everyone. Joined together in a spiraling interconnected collective form that autonomically commun-icates with energy of light & sound with invisible & inaudible frequencies in wavelengths that INfluence cellular command centers we call gene sequences.

Energy is Created to freely flow & when connections are made, Lighted gene switches flip UP & ON, neurological lights bridge gaps & forge pathways.

When energy is blocked, interconnected connections are broken and lighted gene switches are flipped DOWN & OFF. Hence with dis-ease INherently comes lack of energy. Blockages force energy to stop & redirect its pathways any way it can go.

Physical & mental dis-ease, seen & unseen, heard & unheard, are results of our interconnected guidance system being over-ridden & misdirected with commanding mis-commune-ication leading the once united into body off the razor sharp edge of blinding & deafening choices & divi$ive procedure$.

We do not require gaining the weight of the world, losing our energy, sacrificing our spirit, & selling our soul simply because our necessary limited egoic views block the rest of the infinite views of Higher Perspectives already known to humans.

We personally gain Higher Perspectives by choosing to fly high with Full Awareness while paying attention to the necessary details of the Divine Guidance interconnected with our own INtuition & our own personal, YOUnique blueprint map.

Have you ever followed your INtuition freely & precisely to only discover you "coincidentally" chose the right way for your YOUnique soul & find yourself refueled with energy so positive that it seems unbelievable to others in your physical "community" disbelieving that you could have ever gotten to where you are today having chosen the many different routed ways you have in your life? We as INtuitives are not alone. There have been many others like us who looked at the bags of consequential ideas & have utilized our YOUnique energy as curious & creative efforts discovering that energy interconnects ALL living & nonliving BEINGS in the UNIverse.

So how do we each know which way to go NOW?

Have you seen, read, & learned what all those adverti$er$ are pu$hing into our buffet of feed$?

A lot of in-form- is found to be spot on truth, most of it is illogically & invalidly laced $elling the idea$ that their product$ & branded line$ of product$ are end-all-be-alls.

Truth be told, YOUnique miracles happen for some individuals, but not all.


Well, simply because when we are faced with the weight of dis-ease, we find ourselves grabbing at $traw$ unconscious to what is driving our intentions.

Ever try what has helped your friend to discover it really doesn't help you at all?

We don't need to wallow in suffering envy.

We simply need better maps, and they are out there.

When we realEYES our INtuition is our best map, in-form-ation then BEcomes tools we decide how to use when we need to use them?

How do we know what tools, supplements, & supplies we need & how much do we need & not need to be taking anymore?

Healy is a revolutionary energetical tool that also happens to be a map.

Healy is a microcurrent biofeedback medical device that fits in the palm of the hand that is the collective work of over 150 years worth of experiential trials performed by honest physicians & their patients that have helped MANY correctly navigate & refuel themselves with essential-to-them energy frequencies finding their way back to Whole Health & Well BEing. The USFDA finally cleared the Healy for the US Market in May of 2020. I purchased one then & have since been using it with myself, family, friends, & clients, along with a whole host of freely available modalities, as well as helps us know what we are missing & can add to aid our YOUnique healing processes.

Healy scans your entire body, energetical field, & radiating aura. Healy not only tells you where you are currently standing in your health, it also exactly dials up healing frequencies that your body needs & tunes them directly to you in the moment.

Healy has frequency programs that include essential minerals, plants, the homeopathic Materia Medica, Bach flower remedies, and much, much more, plus it not only is used for humans, but pets, plants, & nonliving things, too. This personal microcurrent medical device is making huge tsunami waves that the natural holistic medicine world is riding high with ease. The company is growing, developing, & adapting in these global BEeautiful "move forward" times.

We all are evolving, metamorphosizing, healing, and awakening each in our own Divine timing & on our own YOUnique paths.

This is a very brief introductory video about the Healy:

Demonstration using Healy with a dog showing how easy it is to use & some of the things it does:

Where are they sold, how much do they cost, & how do you get one for you & your family as you YOUniquely navigate your way forward?

NOW until the end of June 2021, Healy is offering up to $1000 off their various Healy models. They currently offer options ranging from the base Gold model for layman home use all the way to the advanced Healy Holistic Health model preferrably used by holistic physicians & practitioners aiding & guiding their patients in taking the wheel of their own & their family's health care.

I currently work with family, friends, & clients here & all around the globe sharing & teaching MANY interconnected wholistic modalities focused on Quantum Healing Energy Medicine & Whole Life Education that interconnectedly advance healing & maintain homeostasis of the mind, body, energy, spirit, & soul.

My soul INtention is to INcourage & INspire those seeking better pathways toward Whole Health & Well BEing and reconnect with joy to their soul mission in this life: To simply BE awe-mazingly who they were Created to BE.

I am networked with MANY specialists in MANY interconnecting fields & I help navigate & get connected to honest physicians who truly want to see their patients independently thriving. Money is not our goal, working ourselves out of the business of dependency is our goal. Our health is our personal responsibility, & the Act of 1986 financially spells that out so clearly that the insurance racketeers follow $uit, laughing all the way to the bank as they continue to echo, "if you die, you & your family will be $orry," as if death is not already a known fact. When & how will we each die, well that's not left up to each of us, but what we choose to think, say, & do does effect the nature of Divine timing. In the meantime how we choose to spend not only our money, but our time & energy matter more than many care to admit to what is essentially necessary & what is no longer necessary at all. Procedures that $upport the e$tabli$hed & poi$oning $ick care $y$tem are paid with in$urance laundered in many loop$. Modalities that support true health & well BEing simply do not keep profit$ turning, AND in the long run $ave us con$umer$ more dearly than we first expect.

For those interested in learning more about the interconnectedness of truly healing modalities & honestly healthy options that are little known to the collective whole of humanity, but are readily available & working won-ders in different ways for different people finding them and experiencing very positive changes for themselves, I have created a website that I AM currently, organically & authentically adding to. The platform I have chosen also works as a social platform for subscribers to connect, share, & teach one another.

If you're interested in learning more about what I am doing & offering those who are interested in joining me from time to time, please feel free to go to

I share & expand on a lot of many interconnected topics. Whatever it is that I share please take & share with others what resonates for you. Whatever does not resonate for you yet, simply leave as you pass by.



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