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Food for thought? Well, the age-old agenda has been NO life for free thinkers & leaders. Ask MLK, Jr

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Food for thought.

Ever deeply think about that phrase & its different interpretations?

https://youtu DOT be/30XdWmKwk20

Why would Martin Luther King Jr be labeled & targeted by "government officials" as a domestic terrorist 3 days after organizing a very peaceful protest in which he delivered his famous "I Have A Dream Speech"?

What really happened to MKL Jr?

There are lots of investigative documents that suggest his murder was a direct targeted attack by our "government officials" against the Sovereign Rights of all humans all to hide lies & crimes against humanity being committed then.

So how did WE allow things to continue & did WE actually allow these criminal atrocities to continue if WE were not ever *told* the Truth yet the Truth is in the recorded documents along with unsealed documents more than supporting hard evidence that cold blooded murder for thinking & speaking along with subversive slow mass genocide since the 1940-50s has clearly been happening HERE and around the world?

Why would FREEDOM OF SPEECH, speaking freely & openly THE TRUTH, showing, sharing, & teaching any one who will reaonably choose to learn for themselves what is intentionally NEVER taught via original documents be considered a "threat" to those operating dubiously in the $hadow$, those made unknown-to-us who actually are in power over masses with powers they are NOT Constitutionally granted to have nor be "given," that WE NEVER elect much less know who exactly are *the ones* behind the curtain$ pulling the string$ of the puppet$ intentionally placed before US on the "media $tage"?

Why would moms, dads, & children NOW be considered domestic terrorists by the "powers-at-be" who simply are refusing to be coerced by the blatant propaganda (lies upon lies) into experiments that not only defy the Scientific Method but are clearly illegal & criminal mandates being p$ychologically twi$ted to "justify" complete surveillance of any one & every one who speaks THE TRUTH about the attrocious crimes against humanity repeatedly orchestrated by "leaders" within our own country against the citizens who Constitutionally are THE BOSS BODY?

Whose aware of the documents, brave enough, truthful enough, & FEARLESS enough to SPEAK UP about what IS HAPPENING NOW?!

Ever read ALL those actual policies in the PUBLIC RECORD that not only affect the new laws being made daily, but also new laws drastically altering Constitutional Laws that have been in place for WE THE PEOPLE, THE BOSSES, to keep checks & balances upon those who "serve" US (whether elected or not) & allow US to protect ourselves from overlording dictatorship & insanely hypocrital "authoritarians" *acting* as if it is in the "best interest" of WE THE PEOPLE to all of a sudden abuse "their powers" with illegal mandate$ requiring all citizens be masked (visibly & invisibly) that is NOW allowing ma$ked bandit$ to freely conceal them$elve$ among the blinded, deafened, & muted masses?

What & who are the NSA, CIA, FBI, IMF, Homeland "Security," DOD, DOE, DARPA, HAARP, Judiciary Branches & the Industrial Military FOR again?

Clearly, by documentation, to pledge allegiance to & protect the privatized & corporatized MAFIA monopolies under illegal protection of The USA, INC (est. with the unconstitutional & illegal Act of 1871), NOT WE THE PEOPLE HERE IN THE US OR ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD?

NO BUILDING BY CLEAR PHYSICS & FORENSICS CAN "COLLAPSE" AS SUCH CLEARLY DID IN THE SURFSIDE, FL MASSACRE, 9/11 WTC, THE FBI HEADQUARTERS IN OKC, & attempted bombing in the OLYMPIC SQUARE OF ATLANTA, among MANY other internally orchestrated terrorist attacks including the MANY school & entertainment gathering mass murders since 1991, here & internationally, that I will spare mentioning details here at this moment that you & any one of us can freely research for ourselves.

Busy-ness, Apathy, Complacency, Complicitness, Blinded $upport for *blatant* terrori$t$ (in government, homes, schools, churches, & infiltrants in every relational body humans create to actually support one another here & around the World), self silencing out of irrational fear and FAR WORSE can't pattern interrupt oneself to care about anything or anyone else except one's "safely'" bubbled egoic self centeredness... all simply extend the inevitable... THE TRUTH that clearly & repetitively committed *in-the-face* mass $y$temic crimes against humanity HAVE BEEN & ARE HAPPENING in the wide open, NOW more so than ever before in history.

Whose ALL hiding what and why??

And is "it" really hidden?

Justifying irrational fear, one or the masses are shackling themselves to, is intentionally programmed insanity unleashing mass genocide upon the innocent.

Universal Law, even for criminals, clearly states that ALL must be disclosed publicly but must be kept secret, not be taught nor learned, for very intentionally dubious reasons... to ONLY protect those repeatedly conducting crimes against humanity in the name of "best intentions" for external control, tyrannical power, & ultimately domination of the World. Take out the only "free" nation of People left in the World & voila the magic trick of illusions is finally exposed.

How long will it take for US WE THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD to figure out the figure-out-able repeated trick$ of the trade$?

Make no judgmental mistake, "Karen," deeply programmed covert narcissism runs rampantly at large.


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