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Learn How To Recognize Acids & Bases, and thus Know How They Each Serve the Human Body as a Whole

Which one of these acids pictured below

eventually kills & which one heals?

Most of us know that cellular phones were created using metals & minerals to communicate, but what most of us in the collective miss to connect is that WE have been missing essential minerals (that cascade down into myriad YOUnique dis-eases) in our diets for far far longer than many care to admit to themselves.

Is there any wonder what miss-commune-i-cation has rampantly been plaguing humanity that has lived under dictator externally controlling mindsets bred in our own very hearts & our own homes?

The raging symptoms & issues expressed very clearly; and WELL, are far more clear than the ego thinks with its fiercity not just *try* to survive with dis-ease, but to thrive WELL as our DNA is Created to do.

We ALL have an ego with its very necessary limited YOUnique persceptions & views, but the ego is not the only part of the mind we each choose to operate with or under that is most definitely commanding our autonomic systems.

Are we really listening to ourselves, our loved ones, or each other WELL & are we really hearing what is flippantly said & so often unconsciously repeated?

When we choose to listen WITH OUR HIGHER SELF we BEgin to hear roots in family trees speaking very clearly truth of what so often is shut up quite commandingly. So what does "happy wife happy life" really feel like for everyone else choosing to live with & under her self-willing rulez?? How about "I'm the Queen or the King of THIS castle of mine, shut up & just do what I tell you to do? Pay up or I will kick you out!"

What do connected suicide statistics really reveal?

Is "ALL THIS " truly ONLY parents fault?

Or perhaps is that parents have been duped into "choosing" to abdicate their personal responsibility by choosing brick & mortar conveyor belt pri$on$ barred at the front & back door$ when the enemy is ALREADY INside of a "free" compul$ory $y$tem long $egregated by age, subject, class, in many still gender & religion, with a furiou$ revival to add segregated by color & pa$$port once again.

Ill truth is that parents are NOT THE ONLY INFLUENCE & have had decreasing opportunities to try to attempt to even control themselves much less anyone else not only their children. Where did trust lead to monopolized antitrust? Where did honesty with oneself fall to $ly lie$ built upon lie$ (for centuries & centuries)?

Why have suicide rates actually been rising in tandem with rampant monopolized self seeding GMOs, toxins, & poisons injected into ALL of OUR soil, air, food, water, medicines, & in-doctor-nared propaganda po$ing as education? Monsanto for breakfast of "champion$" is not only getting old faster & faster, but is forcing humanity to "shut up, you're gonna eat what I tell you to eat & if not you'll eat nothing." Do you know which granting genie$ have been buying up farm land both "left & right"? Hint, you'll only see their $tolen brand on the GATES, with hinge$ never given a $econd thought, put ARE THERE holding the bar$ with lock$ & a $ecret code to ace$$ entry only to cho$en invitee$.

Systemic symptomatic expressions reveal KEY missing foundational elements & minerals that our Whole Bodies (mind, heart, gut, body, energy, spirit, & soul) NEED to commune-i-cate along FREE neurological highways, not only to survive but meant to thrive. Ever try to build a house without a foundational cornerstone or an arch without a keystone? And why is it that the park space is called a drive way & that park places refer to highways?

We do not see the deterioration of the foundation reveal itself until cracks BEgin to show us that HEAVY weight has been thrown upon humanity & has been compounding over many, many decade$ of use, wear, tear, & abuse.

So again, which of these acids foundationally kills & which one heals?

Heavy metals deposit in the body purely because they were NEVER meant to be consumed NOR INjected into our bodies. Heavy metals are WELL KNOWN to cause neurological dysfunctions that block our human cellular functions on MANY INterconnected level$ and compound into imbalance$ & mtriad money making di$-ease$ created by "the machine." WE are Humans not machine$ nor race$ to be conquered and ruled any longer!


A whole lot & there's truth spoken widely with Proof in the Waves that are rippling far more LONG TERM Healthy effects of the choices of a few who have forged on despite age-old regime$ $tanding & complaining shaming, blaming, & guiltily us for what has been left to us to inherit.

The BEginning of comprehending that everything and everyone is far more INterconnected than we have ever been fal$ely led to believe, learn, & then therefore teach, simply starts with personal YOUnique choice one at a time, one step at a time, one day at a time.

Whole Healing is a PROCESS that results in purging pain & suffering as deep wounds try to focus on knitting cells back together.

Everything & everyone carries a frequency of experiential INtent, whether unspokenly self-perceived with our thoughts that we then speak with our chosen words. Are the words we say really ours? Or do we just parrot really well what we are forced to memorize that steals precious time from learning true fundamentals of life school which is LEARNING HOE TO THINK, not heavy di$tracted by what to think as the majority relie$ of fa$t food & prepackaged, heavy proce$$ed food$ that leave us $tarving for the connected attention we are Created to deserve. ADD/ADHD/ODD etc etc much?

The mind heart gut subtle body symptoms SPEAK CLEARLY yet NONVERLBALLY what we most definitely feel in our aches, pains, & suffering. WE are Created to Move our bodies, not keep moving away from the messes we have had our hand$ in creating ourselves by blindly trusting branding we've unconsciously enslaved ourselve$ to.

Organically certified does NOT ALWAYS mean what it says on the label. If you're still with me & understand the interconnected facts I share hear very carefully dodging the bullet$ of AI directed by our enemie$ withIN, you'll find in the comments a very telling truth "ALL THIS" has been RIGHT IN OUR FACES ALL ALONG, whether everyone has seen for themselves yet or not.

Again, what can WE each do for ourselves NOW so we get OUR $TOLEN STRENGTH & POWER BACK?

MUCH HONEST SCIENCE in the last 30 years has been outspokenly been teaching Quantum Cellular Healing with the "Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Mind" that requires self assessment of everything we choose for ourselves to consume INto our bodies & our minds.


Have you tried every quick fix every propo$ed with myriad diet$, yet seem to help temporarily leaving the patched repair failing & the foundational problems compoundingly BEcoming worse.

To find out more about BOO new to you, run don't walk to and click on the link titled Black Oxygen Organics.

And, while you're feel free to join the WE THE PEOPLE'S *FREE* free speech forum to join in the sparking discussions BEginning there. We The People have both Constitutionally protected Human Rights that INherently COME WITH OUR RESPONSIBILITY to not only manage OUR "representatives" but to also be responsible for managing ourselves. We must first stop expecting some else to choose what is "right" or "wrong" for us & choose to stop operating out of the binary-mind "black & white" fal$e flag di$traction tactic$.


What works for one does not translate to ALL. Ever play that "telephone game" round the camp fire.

This & "all" out there may seemingly appear to look like ash from from weak $y$tem$ finally cra$hing, but TRUTH is our of the ashes more than mere BEauty is rising!! Research the Phoenix of Wholistic Care rising mightily out of rampantly blazing dis-ease.


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