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Shiny Happy People Holding Hands Singing Loving Harmonies For ALL of HUmanity To See & Hear

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

The INdivisible Creator of One & ALL

IS THE Master Creator.

Spiritually relating oneself with the Image of God Created YOUniquely withIN each of Us is IN the multi-dimensional relationship

that is YOUniquely & INfinitly

co-created withIN,

one to One.

Along the YOUnique journeys of Our experiential Lives, we each and ALL are both guides for some ones & some ones are guides for us, in some ways & in others.

Humans are awe-mazingly brilliant,

yet we cannot hold the universe in the palms of our hands like The Master Creator does endlessly.

BEing Divinely Created, YOUniquely Imaged Slices of the Love, Light, & Sound of The Creator as ones of Light, Sound, & Body,

We shine, We resonate, & We cast INvisble rays withIN Our Light & We cast INaudble Sounds withIN Our Shadows.

IT is IN both the Light & Dark that we each have the frewilled opportunity to Illuminate Our Concious IN-form-ational Awareness with One & another.

Re-member that like a staged cast arising among the Lights, Our Dark Shadows role play MANY Lighted Lessons FOR Us to learn that which Our YOUnique Spiritual Souls & Our Guides INvisibly & INaudibly teach Us & Guid Us as We play & re-play the INterconnecting Lessons We learn for Ourselves along our YOUnique ways.

Together, the Unconditional Love Created withIN Us grows & grows INfinitely along Our Ways, ever BE-coming Brilliantly Brighter the more We learn, both when IN the Light AND IN the Dark.

It is IN the pressures of metamorphic transformations that we BE-come more & more Brilliant.

I like calling HUmanity The Irie Lights,

BEcause no matter what the UNIverse IS UP to, We do deeply desire to BE communally unconditionally loved, immensely happy, & truly INjoy this wonder-filled Life of INfinite lives.

the Light IN me sees the Light IN you

the Love IN me hears the Love IN you

the Divine IN me feels the Divine IN you

WE SHINE LIKE THE BE-AUT-I-FULLY Radiant Stars that We each are.


Together We Shine Our BE-eaut-I-full Lights & Sing Our BE-aut-I-full Harmonies withIN ALL Of The Creation We Co & Pro-Create.


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