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Stabilizing from WithIN by Allowing Yourself to Effortlessly & Freely Flow

Allowing others INto our vulnerable spaces does allow us to heal. Rest. Breathe. Ground. Laugh. Meditate IN Motion. Skae it off. Raise the Biopsychophysiological Vibration to bring longing Re-lief & Re-juv-IN-ation.

Metamorphic Growth cannot BE rushed NOR crushed IN thrive mode (operating withIN the Parasympathetic Nervous System).

It is IN the dark that ALL our senses, INcluding our emotional senses amplify & magnify. WE are more stable than WE think. Triggers indicate tacking IN motion. WE are still moving forward. Don't forget ALL the progress WE are making. WE are SO much power-full than WE have ever been allowed to BElieve of ourselves. It is ALL new for each one of US among the Collective.

Re-storing trust INvolves unpacking heavg baggage to LIGHT-IN UP our load moving FORward.

WE are NOT alone.

ALL of Humanity is going THROUGH *all of this* together.


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