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The benefits of the essentials in life start in the heart & naturally extend through the hands.

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Attention all essential oil loving friends!

The excitement cannot be contained 🤩

I'm SO very excited for my dear friend Dawn Camp Together with an awe-mazing team, we are helping launch her newest essential oils book that is so good with oily recipes and tips for how to use them EVERY day!

Plus, it's a journal, too! My favorite kind of books are journals, and I do write in all my books. 🤓

And, I especially LOVE LOVE LOVE when authors give space for their readers to add their own ideas in writing & in notes.💕

Whether you’re new to using essential oils or a veteran, like me, you just may LOVE this book in your hands as much as I do! The first book just feels so soft in the hand! It's like holding hands with a soul friend to me. 💖

Click here to learn more:

You can pre-order your book, being released July 26-30th now!! With the anticipation waiting for my pre-order to arrive, July 26th feels like Christmas to me. 💖

Below are all the retailers if you'd like to pre-order a book, too! 🌟

Plus, while your clicking around, I INcourage checking out her other books as well.

She is not only a wonder-full friend,

she is also a wonder-filled writer.

The World absoultely does receive wonders in the creations we choose to create.

Helping launch this new creation with her & the team is such a huge blessing & a gift for me in SO many ways.

Abundance swells in ALL sorts of MANY different ways. I am SO grateful for ALL of the abundant love right here & right NOW 💕💕💕


Barnes & Noble: (If you have trouble posting to B&N, it is almost always because they do not like punctuation in their review.)




Google Books:


And feel as free as you already are to research "essential oils" at to learn from the tens of thousands of case studies supporting the use of essential oils for the True Health Care that they are.

It ALL BEgan IN a garden long long BEfor we can remember.


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