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The Plague of Perfectionism: Normalized Homogenization Genocides YOUniquely Diverse Divinity

The plague of perfectionism desires for all or nothing. Homogenization is the antithesis of YOUnique diversity. Breaking out of the binary minded trap & INto the INnately INterconnected expansiveness of ALL of Life is simply a shift of self created perception.

WE each, as eternal souls & spirits in temporary physical bodies, serve ourselves AND others WELL when *we allow* for the naturally Created evolutionary development of the soul to grow BEyond the limitations of what anyone else deems for any reasons to be perfectly set up as "normalized homogeny.".

Yes, the lies of the world are sly set ups, that are easily moved around IN order to continue flowing authentically just as WE come INto this world & each are ultimately Divinely Created to BE.

Authenticity is a rarity in these modern times.

Asking oneself why,

begs the INternal question.


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