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Triggers are MORE honestly telling US more than we often choose to see & hear, & wish to not feel.

Triggers reveal MANY things that WE have been ignoring & neglecting & collectively justifying with putting ourselves last by choosing to put the rat race first. WE pay for what WE buy into & sell with ourselves. Paying close attention to OURSELVES & choosing to listen clearly to our own Self Talk of "mental chattering loops" that command our autonomic systems & unspoken bodily functions does NOT cost us "one red cent" & is far more valuable than WE collectively believe.

Unconditional love does not mean we have nor give no boundaries. Often when "unsettlng" TRUTH is revealed WITH triggers that pop & explode seemingly out of "nowhere" appear as tough love. Choosing to unconditionally love ALL of ourselves & ALL others for who & whatever WE collectively create ourselves to BE at any freely given moment in time is NOT easy & certainly IS tough, but is truly priceless and far worth more than its weight in gold.

Want to learn how to see & hear what our triggered feelings are telling us:


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