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True Sovereignty is not a one way street & costs nothing but the time, energy, & love of each & all

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Want to create True Sovereignty?

Got skills, want to freely learn & teach other people The Truth, AND be paid real solid money you can use out there for doing what you're passionate about?

Want to know what your real 1774 Constitutional human rights are?

This group has been in existence since 2009 and I only found it a few weeks ago by continually allowing God to fully & whole BEing lead me. The Creator knew WELL I needed all the preparation, all the triumph of trauma I have long bravely endured & chose to learn from, metamorphosize, & embody to lead me here to NOW. Divine timing is both God's AND ours to co-create. Salvation & Emancipation is NOT a one way street. This is not your typical group. This group is Absoultely Protected. The enemies of humanity don't even want to touch us because they KNOW Who exactly The Creator God actually IS & that we in this community are loyal only to The Almighty Real Living Creator God of ALL brought forth and co-created and pro-created BY The People FOR The People. What say & do WE THE PEOPLE OF THE REAL United States of America?

The Reigns Of Heaven cost nothing but the time, energy, & true unconditional love each freewilling affords themselves.

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💞🌸Portia Ogden Bergman


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