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Unconditional Love is spoken in every single language ❤

Unconditional love is spoken in every single language & truly needs no words. 💕🤗 💕Unconditional love is spoken in every single language & truly needs no words. 💕🤗 💕

Unconditional love is spoken in every single language & truly needs no words. 💕🤗 💕

Words, however, do generously help us to express ourselves & commune-icate with others heart to heart.

Do you patiently listen with your heart to what you & others say?

When we choose to listen to ourselves & others with our heart, miraculous & magical experiences BEcome unforgettable moments for life. 🌟

Sharing here as INcouragement & INspiration to whomever may need it when they see it. (Looking with our hearts amplifies love 💖👀)

Synchronicities are Divinely Lighted IN-form-ation, that revive & rejuvenate our seeded souls right when we most need INcouragement & INspiration.

A synchronous moment when noticed with observed awareness clearly revives the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, & touches of unforgettable memories that had been a temporarily forgotten, but absolutely glory-ous, phase of our very BEautiful soul's transformation in constant motion.

Choosing to hear, see, & experience life with wholehearted unconditional love absolutely shifts everything at lighting speed.


Hidden deep within every seed is a miracle patiently waiting to crack free. Curled up tightly inside... beneath the hard exterior, there is a spark of hope longing to wildly flourish and blossom into the light.

Every seed is already equipped with everything that could possibly be needed in order to grow to its fullest potential. And when the circumstances and timing is just so, all the sublime magic that lay suspended inside slowly bursts forth to unfurl it’s euphoric wonder upon Earth’s surface.

Could it be that we are the seeds? Scattered hither upon the terrains of this world, submerged beneath the soil and sown within the dark haven of this precious Earth? For contained within us exists profound gifts, integral knowledge and phenomenal Love yet to be unlocked and fully activated in us.

But before we dove through the ethers and into the densities that this dimension is woven of, our soul essence was intertwined with those of our ilk: our soul kin. Those whose soul-song design is in pure harmonic resonance with our own.

And while it is true that this existence was indeed blissful, still we ached to know ourselves as something other than a unified soul cluster. We aspired to know ourselves as a unique expression of Self.

In doing so, our vibrational waves of light required slowing down to actualise from the ethereal into a being of substance. To become a “matter” of creation; an emBODIED soul-full expression.

So it is that we journeyed here, crossing through the veil of forgetfulness and descending into physical form in order to be fully immersed in the experience of separation that we yearned to have. This descent through the veil caused us to have “earth amnesia”. To forget our divine conscious connection and become so deeply enthralled by the illusion of separation.

THIS is why we have such difficulty in remembering and believing *what* we actually are.

Through experiencing the oblivion of unified consciousness and believing instead in the aching totality of our own individuality, we neglect to realise our Self as containing within us all that we are driven to seek without.

Perhaps this illusion of separation, this existence of physicality that we are immersed in — perhaps it also is a breathtaking garden in the making, awaiting her tender seeds to bud and blossom? A divine eden full of immense promise and unending possibilities that is yet to evolve and bloom into fruition... as we ourselves are yet to unearth the infinite potential that exists within us.

For in the depths of this illusion, we forget that we are seeds... containing within us our most precious gifts, our soul memories, our sheer ethereal magic: our Light.

The very term “Starseed” implies exactly this. That we are seeded here upon this earthly garden. And when it is our time, all that is contained within us will be revealed to the world as we blossom into being what we truly are in our purest form.

For as we each evolve into our fullest expression of Love, the seed within us cracks open and our luminous efflorESSENCE is unveiled with petals unfurled.

We transform from Starseeds to become Starblossoms... transcendent Light activating through each of us as, one by one, the seed within us begins to crack wide open. And while it is through the cracks that the light gets *in*, it is our own inner Light that is needed to ripple *out* through the cracks in an undulating wave of iridescent rainbow rays, bringing the paradise garden of exquisite bliss into existence here on Earth.

Little Seed, Future Blossom:

May you soften into the purity of Love and nourish your heart.

For as flowers blossom in Divine time, so it is that we ALL blossom in our YOUniquely Divine time.


With Infinite Love,

Ethereality Unveiled

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