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Trigger Warnings! Human targeted #DEWS ignite many unexpected triggers. Learn to recognize them.

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Trigger Warning:

Yes, I freely choose to go there, INto hard places to shine light & unconditional love for ALL souls.

I am created brave enough, bold enough, & strong enough to take all the awe-servant (my life play of the word observant).

What IF Jesus had NOT gone there, come here, is here in Spirit moving through flesh always, what IF He took no action seeking Our Father's guidance, even when led as child to BEgin physically separating from His Earthly parents, to fully perform His soul's calling?

What IF He sought no counsel with His parents (BTW, He did exactly that in the response to His mother after the were reunited.)

What IF He did not seek the amplifying counsel of His subservient Disciples, all once criminals in their own right?

What IF He took NO active choice, what IF He took NO connected action, & NEVER surrended His limited human Will to God, The INdivisble Creator of ALL?

Where would WE BE NOW?

The Ill & Hard Truth is staring US in the face & screaming at US in looping repetitions, and has been for decades, centuries, & eons, to GO withIN to find the face of God, and allow ourselves to finally take OFF (disempower) what has NEVER served US well IN order to receive fully What does serve us well & INpowers those willing to serve an Almighty mission: to show UP, actively choosing pure unconditional love? His dying words to God were, "【I】forgive them, they know not what they do." Even as He knew His physical time on Earth was giving way to His Eternal PRESENCE on Earth & in the Heavenly realm.

To some Jesus is dead, simply a crazy man & an unbelievable crazy talker... until He is met INternally face to face as we face our INternal darkness, our self created demons INside & Out. There are some souls, so stubbornly stuck in their own self created limited wills, who experience NDE's, receive their second chance, go forth boldly proclaiming their life miraculously reformed INside & out. And, while most NDE's speak of white light, other NDE's speak of Hell BEing clearly LIT UP. Both of which bring life reforming change INside & out, yet both are still received as wishy washy craziness by wishy washy BElievers who miss the very point of what unconditional love REALLY means.

Letting GO & letting BE does NOT mean doing no thing about one's own writhing withIN that manifests INto their writhing existence. Action is definitely the key, to what doors we choose to walk through. ALL of which lead US hopefully home to Our Prodigal Father.

So IF God, by any name any one can imagine to call IT, Created ALL there IS (both known & unknown), as is said IN parrallels throughout many ancient texts & hidden books of the Bible, not just the chopped up & INtentionally slyly & curatingly edited one, so often flippantly parroted without INterdimensional thought, isn't it therefore true that Jesus came here for sinners, NOT just the hell bent believers of only "this or that" limited human, & very destructive, belief systems that espouse excommunication & disconnection?

Jesus did not just come here for the warring jews & persecuted gentiles, HE came here FOR ALL SOULS, including the turned warring gentiles & persecuted jews.

WE each are Created with birthrighted freewill IN which are chosen actions bring forth unexpected consequences which starkly teach consequences that all resonate the same theme: victims can & often do repeat exactly what they were taught & therefore limitedly know to repeat thus BEcoming the victimizer.

Which of God's children chooses to get their lessons right?

WE ALL shall see, so says not only the Bible, but the stones BEfore it written on by living souls do speak volumes.

Remember, Jesus also said, whom shall cast the first stone at this women repenting on bended knee who I have said is already forgiven, to go NOW & sin NO more. INtentional murder of another with aforethought is NOT limited to killing flesh, but also INcludes the repeated attempted murder (consciously or unconsciously) of one's own & another's spirit & soul.

The 10 commandments which fit on one's own 10 fingers was NOT easy enough to BElieve, SO God sent His Himself IN the form & flesh of His Only Son, His Holy Spirit IN Flesh, Blood, & boldly speaking BREATH, to *simply say IT ALL* so eloquently,

Love God The Creator with ALL your heart, mind, & soul, and love others as God has loved you, with IMMENSE unconditional love to let GO & let BE.

The caged bird always eventually finds the wide OPEN door that was NEVER a latched gate to BEgin with. (A reference to Maya Angelou I posted earlier this week.

The THREADS we each choose to mindfully weave for ourselves & others can BEcome BOTH a warm comforting blanket of living self creating heavens on Earth AND which can BE torn apart in triggered self frustration to become binding INtangling ties of living self created hells on Earth. The choice of INfinite choices simply reside in birthrighted freewill AND are shiftable from bended repented knee to one's own self created demons, both INternally that BEcome the external, to BE born again, anew as once Created to BE, standing tall FOR God & ALL souls.

It is also said IF God is FOR US, whom can be against US?

Each have the Present Gift of freewill choice & God is NOT a puppet master controlling our every move & breath, we were NOT born to be stalked with strangling strings attached, nor conscious & unconscious strangling ties to blind generational sin that is so often blindly repeated. I do cut all ties, but I DO NOT CUT PEOPLE OUT WITH EXCOMMUNICATION, NOR do I cut their heart, soul, or spirit out. I do often perform energetical & spiritual life support for those who God draws & graces upon my path, that go unseen & unheard. I'm a heart to heart, soul to soul kinda gal, just raw, real, authentically present, & there are a lot of people who expects gifts to be other things they wanted to get & achieve. I don't toss gifts to the side flippantly saying thank you. I do freely give what I receive, & I do also regift somethings others bought for me with their own expectations for me & from me that much better fit the person who gazes upon it & says I need some of that...and say here ya go it's yours to have.

May you feel as truly blessed as you are, & we each are and every single YOUnique soul is.

AND see both our own chosen Presence & see, hear, feel, & deeply sense the affects we all have with our chosen INfluences.

Is something amiss with "all this" out there somewhere, or IN the soul of any given person at any given point IN time?

Shifting is the way easy part, actively learning how to walk the talk beyond the INtanglements of legalistic religiosity is exactly where God shows UP BIG TIME & freely allows US to step IN & UP to the challenges of life to BE pure unconditional love to any soul who could dare themselves to fully BElieve, despite all the hellacious attacks naysayers shoot who'd rather rule in place of God, that in the attacks they too are Created IN the image of God to actively remove themselves from the target shooters to heal themselves & help others to heal themselves who choose to reach out & connect with those already fully plugged INto The Source, fully & freely BElieving, fully & freely wide open, fully & freely receiving, & fully & freely giving pouring forth for no other reason that to expect the unexpected.

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