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What do brand$ & label$ have to do with ma$$ $lavery?

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

To see the full photo montage with this article go to my social media page at:

The brand$ we choose to buy & consume are NOT all what they are cracked up to be.

When Truth Seekers & Truth Speakers say that it's all been blatantly happening right BEfor our very own eyes, WE are NOT lying to you.

Research Odin IARPA & Project Odin on open platforms such as Tor & Duck Duck Go to learn more for yourself of what is INtentionally never taught but is out there to be learned by the curious.

Can you guess what I drink in my cup & what I add to my cup?

Feel free to check out the screenshots & photos below in the comments.

The first to guess gets a free sample of my add in *if they'd like.* 😍 some games are fun to play, some games not so much!

Perspectives matter.


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