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What does the Healy do? I demonstrate it for YOU here.

I am joy-full several of you have asked.

I've been using this with myself, & INterested family, friends, & clients since the USFDA finally approved it in May of 2020, learning about it through two of my long time Soul Sisters, one a nurse/pastor turned Naturopathic Doctor, & the other a survivor with a story that rocks listeners wake out the sickness who is a certified Herbalist. They have mentored me personally, academically, & spiritually since early 2005.

Here is a quick overview video of how Energy/Spirit is withIN & all around us.

We are Energy/Spirit living in physical host bodies. It is simple, yet seems complex only to those who have not yet Awakened to their own Divinely Created Selves.


Here I show & demonstrate for you how the Healy works & share a few INsights I've gained so far about The Healy, that I call the patients hand held instant diagnostic tool, navigator, & teaching guide for patients to learn more of how their subtle mind-body-energy/spirit work & become a more widely used tool for patients to share when educating the team of integrative & cooperative physicians they choose to assemble around themselves in those times when health care requires MANY co-operating minds & MANY INtegrated skills working together.


This little microcurrent frequency medical device cleared by the FDA, finally as of May 2020 for use in the United States of America, is a personal biofeedback microcurrent frequency healing medical device that revolutionizes health care, placing the patient as one's own best Whole Health advocate. It not only scans the INtire WHOLE Body inside & out, it scans all the "micro's & macro's" of frequencies conducting our YOUnique nuerological, cellular, metabolic, & energetical functions.

It shows & tells the user within moments exactly how your bioenergetical resonance & auricular field is reading in the NOW moment AND *sends* the YOUniquely specific healing frequencies to your body that it currently needs to flip UP & ON the gene code switches for INnate Physical/Mental/Energetical/Spiritual Healing that does wonders for the soul.

There's far more for US to learn together than any organization has ever taught, nor wants to tells us or allow us to freely tell one another. Censorship is not new.

Choosing INtuitively the "leaders" we choose to follow is a birthrighted freewilled choice we each have been endowed by The Indivisible Creator God of ALL to co-create for ourselves.

Everything we choose to perceive, think, say, & do IS RESONATING FROM WITHIN & THUS RADIATES OUT FROM US INfluencing ourselves first & then others IN VERY INaudible & INvisible frequencies, even without spoken word or physical action.

Wanna know how to see just how your thoughts & words affect physical structures?

Research Dr. Masaru Emoto's awe-mazing soul purpose work. What if you could discover what's holding you back from your full potential in a matter of seconds?

Can This One Thing Really Improve Your The Way You Approach Your WHOLE *Health*... For Life?

Try it & then you tell us. Simply, email me at the and I will provide yiu with a complimentary scan & send you the reports. Want a comprehensive analysis to go with it? Simply, book an appointment with me through What if you learned that when you discovered an obstacle, you could do something about it without spending thousands of dollars on so called experts or expensive courses? How would your life change if you could catch flagging energy levels, the "always exhausted" feeling, or the emotional roller-coaster... then realign your compass INtrinsically, boosting your vitality in just minutes? When you have a Healy, that's exactly how life is.

for example:

40 Hz can reduce inflammation.

13 Hz can do wonders dissolving scar tissue. The world of Individualised Microcurrent Frequencies (or IMF) has unlocked the door to all kinds of incredible restorative powers that we’re only now starting to learn collectively.

If you're curious to learn more & want to join us for our next live webinar, click here

You are a blessing BEyond measure & more than deserve Whole Health & WELL BEing, 🌸Portia

Portions of this blog entry were copied, pasted, & shared by per-mission of Zac Dean, my international collaborator & team leader, & Australian Mate Extraordinaire.

Copyright © 2021 RawCave, All rights reserved.

Why do I choose to compose & share detailed seeds & write long hashtags such as these?

Ever read one of those messages where EVERYTHING is misspelled but the first & last letters are correctly placed revealing to you that WE ALL truly understand much more than WE think WE currently see?

I have been working with Whole Health Recovery Specialists since 1990, with Reading Recovery Specialists since 2005, & BRAIN EYE Specialists since 2011. It is my humble belief that if we can help teach a love for reading without inducing unnecessary stress imposing benchmarks on the budding reader we can avoid a cascade of mental & physical di$order$ that later develop di$ea$e$.


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