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What in the World IS happening? Many may ask. WELL some extremely awe-mazing things not to contain

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

BEcause I INjoy observing, researching, learning, & sharing all that is available in every NOW moment.

Life is an abundant Harvest

Whole Life Learning is a continuous playground I *fully* INjoy with ALL of HUmanity, near & far.

I personally find challenges the MOST INjoyable, especially as triumph reveals yet another mind expanding challenge.

Trance-end from depressing contraction & launch INto Quantum Acceleration: Whole Healing exists in the Realms of the Universe that IS withIN... the still small voice YOUniquely Created & Blueprinted FOR you is Your Soul channeling The Indivisible Creator God of ALL, Who is calling You, & ALL of US & often through other Souls who HEAR & FEEL the incessant ringing you may be ignoring or resisting to answer & connect to the World of Whole Healing right HERE, RIGHT NOW.

As Quantum Universal Law suggests so far, what goes UP must come down.

Whatever these civilians, like US, find UP there they will & are channeling back to us here on the surface of the Earth.

The Universal Field of Consciousness is Converging.

Can you sense it?

It is in pace-ant waiting in the "dark" that engages & amplifies ALL senses & nonverbal languages, whether any one else is FULLY conscious & aware of what their Whole BEing is showing & telling them.

How HIGH we each choose to fly is merely freewill choice.

I personally am untethered & you are INvited to FLY HIGH with ME & the millions of Souls FINALLY BEing The PerMission IN aLIGHTing their Whole BEings to exactly what it IS Created to BE.

Photo Wordtype attributed by Alexis Rigel Johns of Parenting


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