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What is Formal Policy Debate & what are Logical Fallacies?

I there really any wonder at all that the Once Intelligent American Rhetoric has been effectively reduced to foolish fallaciousness with illiteracy rates sky rocketing?

The indoctrinated conveyor belt of compulsory industrialized & institutionalized "schooling" created by John Duey & "Sir" Rockefeller et al others cloaking as benevolent granter$ of free that is NOT free intentionally removed both Formal Policy Debate & Formal Logic from compulsory "education."

No many stop to think & realEYES that compulsory education is still segregated to this very day by age, class, subject, in many schools of thought by gender & religion, with a raging rivival to resegregate schools by race.

You, too, are FREE to reclaim your own education by teaching yourself these teo essential Life Courses for starters that center on respectful & authentically compassionate, expansively open-minded communication & FREE Speech.

I highly recommend The LOST Tools of Writing by Circe Institute (which I dub the Lost Tolls of Thinking).

The persuasive essay taught to students since the early 1960s self centers on one's own thesis, with it's own supports, & circularly reasoned conclusion.

The original persuasive essay included stating the antithesis of one's own thesis, with it's own ant-thetical supports, along with refutation and clear reasoning in conclusion with why any & ALL theses & hypotheses deserve to be more than closely examined & deeply researched by ALL readers & listeners.

Formal Policy Debaters who use the Lost Tools of Writing to compose their stances affirmative and/or negative for any Formal Debate competition to a proposed resolution not only impress "judges" but honestly educate "judges" in mass who have never been allowed to or even considered that a theoretical thought could possibly have an antithesis to one's own circularly reasoned opinions supported with illogical fear.

Research Formal Policy Debate Books that teach what REAL AUTHENTIC DEBATE ACTUALLY IS.

And if your Know-It-All limited ego thinks you have learned ALL there is to know about a subject, another person, all persons in a group other than the groups you circle h encamp with, &/or the universe at large, you seriously need a better promoter.

This Summer Reader is not only short it is FREE to any reader who chooses, wishes, cares, or dares to actually read original documents.

The Lost Tools of Learning by Dorothy Sayers

I freely reclaimed my own education & so can every single soul in this nation h in this world. It took my 7 years learning & teaching with & alongside my children & MANY MORE, to go back through PK-Highschool which put my university degrees to shame. I don't blame nor guilt myself nor anyone else for the compulsory public & private education I received as a child & paid for as an adult. I simply chose to shift myself & do Learning VERY differently from the masses. I and over 125,000 families (at last count 3 years ago) have reclaimed our education both here in the US and around the globe with Classical Conversations established in 1997 after starting in one home.

Never underestimate the awe-mazing influence one person can have on a family, a small community, & the world.


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