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Hi, and Welcome to Whole Health Revolution with 2020 Vision Soul Family!

It is pure synchronity and Divine design that we find one anther here at this most sacred time in all of life story!

I have been on a long, winding journey choosing paths in life often less traveled since I was born. After completeing my premed degreee in 1995, and having studied many various disciplines of health in various beautiful places across this earth, I ran as far as I could away from not only Western Medical Insitutions, but from nearly all government led instiutions! My husband and I knew, from before we married, that we wanted to "homeschool" our children. Well, we quickly found out that misnomer (label) absolutely did not fit our life-educating style. We have been studying actively across many places and with many diverse people over the last 20 years, choosing to study original documents, classic & living books, and MANY subjects, some that most average state and federally funded college graduates of many ages have never known to exist. Formal Logic being one. Amidst all the shifts happening globally, now that our children are 16, 17 & 20 and all very self managing students with fulltime employment, this is the absolute best time of my life to launch my life-long dream as a professional Global Quantum Healing, Whole Health and Wellness Practicioner & Advocate. It's been an awe-azing journey with lots of ups and downs to get here! Yet, we have been readying and preparing ourselves and our family our entire lives. But...we.never.imagined! we would be alive to experience the dismantling of the global institutionalized systems! I am INcredibly grateful and humbled you would be willing to join this community of INtentional educators & perpetual learners to help usher in The Great Awakening and to help bring True Whole Healing that all of us souls have so desperately needed for centuries. I believe we one & all simply just want to live wholly well while we're here doing this our life's soul mission.

Together, we are here to light the way for all who will follow after us in the generations to come. God bless BEautiful you, and God bless US All World Wide.

With much Love and Light always,