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Right Now In This Present Moment


Right Where You Are In This Present Moment

Every hour, stop, breathe, ground, & check IN with your energy flow.

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Every hour, stop, breathe, ground, & check IN with your energy flow.
Every hour, stop, breathe, ground, & check IN with your energy flow.

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Right Now In This Present Moment

Right Where You Are In This Present Moment

About the event

We often forget in our routinely days to simply breathe freely & fully. I have worked with many souls who have heartfeltly shared they deal with chronic stress, debilitating migraines, blinding pain, inflammation masking itself as obesity, seizing muscles & joints, severe lack of energy, irritable stomach & bowels, racing heartbeats, chronic anxiety, pendulum swings of moods, unpredictable emotional triggers, & panic attacks that feel like heart attacks- which are all the body's natural & very loud nonverbal cues telling us that we are subliminally operating in our sympathetic nervous system (the fright, flight, or freeze survive mode) as if it is "normal." External & internal circumstances driven by fear that feed off our energy like vampires drain us energetically, physically, cellularly, metabolicly, mentally, & spiritually, and eventually lead to chronic, deeply interconnected, & seemingly inexplicable dis-ease.

In this life, we often simply need a gentle reminder to stop, find our breath, & breathe freely & fully which aligns us to our higher self through our heart. Steady the heart with the breath & the autonomic constricting releases- flippINg the body into the parasympathetic system (the thrive mode).

Choosing to utilize a necessary breathing moment, that I like to call Meditation In Motion, by going outside, taking off our shoes, & stepping onto the Earth, breathing freely & fully, finding our heart, literally & actually grounds the energetical & neurological circuitry in our bodies. Few know of the field of biopsychophysiology which "began" in the late 1800s.

Feel free to INvest in yourself for 60 seconds of every hour to focus on your breath, find & connect with your heart, slow & coherently calm your breathing patterns & heartbeat rhythms, smile, & learn through personal experience that rewiring the brain simply starts with our breath, our personal INtention, AND INvolves releasing our long-time-coming dis-eases to discover the root of the roots leading to ease. Think of this 60 seconds as necessary refueling time to refill your "gas tank" with your whole body's (mind, body, heart, energy, spirit, & soul) aligned "vehicle."

True healing begins withIN & radiates out.

Rest, relax, & rejuvenate.

Love & care for yourself so that you can fully love & care for others in your life.

And if you're interested in personal coaching, please feel free to contact me whenever you are Divinely ready. Together, aligned with the INtentional focus on the Highest Greatest Good of All, we together will explore the interconnectedness of your current health concerns.

I INtuitively guide you in tapping your conscious awareness, heart & higher self INto The Universal Source using scientifically proven neurological & energetical therapies that help you to raise your vibration (your personal biofrequency signature)

in coordination with INtegrative, complimentary, cooperative, wholistic Medicine, as well as any necessary conventional medicine currently being used,

plus proven Quantum Spiritual Energy Healing Therapies, Wholistic Nutrition,

& Authentically Whole Life Style choices YOUnique to Divinely created You.

Life runs much more at ease when we are balanced & free ourselves to flow with the ups & downs of life. 💖🌟

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