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INterconnected & INtegrated
Whole Health & Well BEing For Life

A YOUnique Approach

As a trained & certified Energy Healer, I  intuitively use many known modalities that clear, refill, align, restore, & re-tune the biofrequency field that regulates the interconnecting physical, mental, energetical, & spiritual bodies into one whole. I help rejoin the Whole Self with The Heart & Soul. It is my Soul's Purpose to help teach those drawn toward me how to heal themselves. I educate & authentically, unconditionally love all souls. My personal INtentions are purely & always for the Highest Greatest Good of All.

Services: Services
Remote Spiritual Energy Healing Sessions

1:1 Spiritual Energy Healing Remote Sessions

Quantum Healing:
Ancient Healing Arts & Sciences  
that get to the Roots & Heart
of YOUr YOUnique health care concerns & INtentions

Quantum Energy Healing is not a secret hidden from us any longer. 

1:1 Energy Healing Sessions

Remote energy healing treatments find energetical blocks in the client's bioenergetical field

& gets to the roots of myriad, seemingly nonconnected, dis-eases & health issues, leaving patients feeling

more than relaxed, rejuvenated, & renewed. Tapping INto our potential energy field alignment

is similar to learning how to ride a bike. Once you find your balance, you naturally never forget how to balance yourself.

The ah-ha clients receive is awe-mazing & melts my teacher heart every time.

I love teaching my clients the power we humans have to heal ourselves.

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Yoga Pose

1:1 Spiritual Energy Healing  Remote Follow-Up Sessions & INtuition Compass Fine Tuning

Fine tuning YOUr Spiritual Energy Fields in Today's World
(for established clients)

Tune-Up Energy Healing Sessions (for established clients)

Guidance from certified Energy Healer's help us YOUniquely fine tune ourselves so that we effectively learn how to plug INto our Divinely Designed INtutition practices myriad modalities until clients find their balanced flow using their own INtuition as their compass. Together, client's and I take into account the client's whole healing process that naturally unfolds, restoring their physical, mental, emotional, energetical, & spiritual well-being. Generally just a few fine tuning sessions launches clients into independence. My main goal in life is to work myself out of a job. My hope is that the world will tune in quickly once more people in the collective BEcome consciously aware of their self healing potential & BEgin activating in their own community's to continual sshare the knowledge far & wide.

Group Stretching

Spiritual Energy Healing Remote Sessions
For All Ages, Groups,
& Families, 
of All Walks of Life
Anywhere, Anytime

Healing Our Wholeselves, Helping Others Wholly Heal,
& Bringing Healing To The Whole World

Group Energy Healing Sessions

Wholistic medicine is such a broad range of practices based on generations of proven traditions. 

Healing In Connection With Ourselves AND Others.

Gather a group of your loved ones, friends, colleagues & support one another in cultivating a Whole Health & Well BEing Life Style.

Couple Meditating

Spiritual Energy Healing Remote Sessions
For Couples
Of All YOUnique Kinds

Connect on The Same Wavelength energetically with your partner. Restore & INvigorateyour relationship together.

Not Your Mainstream Couple's Therapy!

Quantum Healing is simple, miraculous, & defies all "logic" of conventional psychotherapy.

Couple's Energy Healing Sessions

The stresses on relationships can seem insurmountable at times, simply because of energetical miscommunication that cause cataclysmic divisions when partners do not understand their own energies fields & how it interconnects with their partner.

It's called entanglement in the Quantum Biopsychophysiology field of medicine.

Clear UP & tune UP communication skills using foundational energy tools that do not use words, and most definitely helps couple untie their tangling energy fields.

Moms and Babies

Spiritual Energy Healing
For Mothers
with Children of All Ages, Babies to Teens to Adults

Learn Techniques to Balance your Mama INtuition & Spiritual Energy WITH Your Childrens' INtuition & Spiritual Energy

Mothers & Children of ALL Ages Energy Healing Sessions

Mamas and babies spend A LOT of time together! Bonding in many ways that extend far beyond seeing eyes.

Mamas know they can feel their children, most don't know that it is energetical frequency emitting

from both their children & themselves that is in very close harmony... most of the time. 

Both mamas & children BEcome very energetically depleted with the modern world's life style of go-go-go-go-go-go

cascading into a whole host of vibrating frustrations that emit far & wide. 

Mamas have big ah-has when I share with them the science & they recall that time they went out for date night,

their milk let down, and come to find out the baby is at home screaming for mama's milk-

babies have a way of EXACTLY knowing mama is eating & refueling her milk supply, anf that is NOT all children sense! 

As soon as we mamas *think* we have ourselves & our children figured out... well, life has a way of ALWAYS changing,

including a mama & child's highly morphing physical bodies that need more than the modern day standardized average that fits NO one.

The metamorphosis of humans becomes very visibly & audibly evident when kids become teens. What once was known as mid-life crisis, has now morphed INto identity crisis at any age that does NOT hit out of the blue.

Ancient Sacred Quantum Healing Practices are finally revolutionizing how WE understand OUR Divinely Created YOUnique Physical Host Form, OUR INnately Created capabilities & the INfinite possibilities The Creator KNOWS is FREELY available to access ourely with our INtention & Attention. 

Gather some of your mama friends & your children's friends for a very fun & mind glowing learning experience

that is foundational for Whole Health & Well BEing;


Herbal Remedies

WHOLE-istic Medicines& Frequency Healing INtuitive Fine Tuning

Natural Healing Begins
From the INside & Radiates Out.
Learn Ancient Wisdom
& Not-New Discoveries, Modalities, Supplements, & Techniques
that help restore & protect
your INnate & Divinely coded Immune System.

Wholistic & Honest INtegrative Medicine Guidance (For Established Clients)

That Takes In To Account Every Energetical Aspect

Of The Things Clients Are Choosing To Consume

Quantum Wholistic Medicine is a broad range of Intuitively YOUnique practices based on centuries

of ancient wisdom that has carefully catalogued many known natural remedies.

Even after a single session,

you’ll start to see changes to your body, mind, and energy levels that will propel you

toward Whole Healing, & beneficially ascending INto an energetically aligned

Whole Health & Well BEing Life Style .

Contact me to find out more, by the clicking quick link below.


Healy: Personalized Biofeedback 

A Handheld Biofrequency Map to Natural Quantum Healing The Direct Way

How do we know what supplements, therapies, & treatments we need & how much do we need & not need to be taking? 

With A Revolutionary Microcurrent Biofeedback Medical Device

(FDA Cleared & Approved) 

Putting YOUR Healthcare In YOUR Hands

HEALY is a revolutionary bioenergetical tool that also happens to be a map-

a biofeedback map to navigate our bioenergetical field with precision

without cutting, maiming, or poisoning.

This is just the beginning of what is finally, but slowly, rolling out to the masses.

Healy is a microcurrent biofeedback medical device that fits in the palm of the hand

that is the collective work of over 150 years worth of experiential, non invasive trials

performed by honest physicians & their patients that have helped MANY

to better navigate their health care & recharge themselves with healing energy frequencies

helping individuals find their way back to Whole Health & Well BEing.

The USFDA finally cleared the Healy for the US Market in May of 2020, after receiving clearance certification in Nov 2019.

I purchased one then & have since been using it with myself, family, friends, & clients.

Healy has 144,000 frequency programs that helps us know how we are resonating, 

where our deficiencies are, & delivers the healing frequencies we need in the moment.

With 144,000 frequency programs, Healy dials in & tunes UP

every aspect of our bioenergetical field on a cellular level.

This handy device, along with physical energy healing treatments, essential minerals,

& shifting to a whole life style can dramatically aid our YOUnique healing choices & processes.

Healy has includes frequency for essential minerals, plants, essential oils, the homeopathic Materia Medica,

Bach flower remedies, and much, much more, plus it not only is used by & for humans, pets, plants, & nonliving things, 

it is also used by trusted, honest wholistic practitioners like myself with their clients.

Feel free to request a free consultation with me for a remote scan & comprehensive frequency reading report.

Click below for a awe-mazing introductory video on The Healy.

To Buy Healy:

Go To The Main Menu & Click On The Healy Tab


Essential Minerals For Life

Ancient Healing Wisdom: the ground UP

What Are WE COLLECTIVELY Really Missing???

Science Has Been Untangling The Mysteriously Rooted

Invisible & Inaudible Communication

Of Essential Minerals For A Very Long Time Now. 

Depleted soils have left our foods & our bodies depleted of essential minerals vitally necessary for

clear neurological & biocellular communication.

Learn more about how & why FULVIC & HUMIC ACIDS ARE VITALLY NECESSARY for clear biocellular communication, 

autonomic metabolic functioning, & effective absorption of the nutrients & supplements we consume. 
There is no one end-all-be-all magic pill!
True Whole Health Care Is A Lifestyle Of Many Changing Choices

based on our current state of perception & bioenergetical resonance

that is very diversely YOUnique for each person's Divinely Created

bioenergy field that knows the seasons of life we have lived far greater & very differently 

than our ego's limited bias & perceptions.



Meditation IN Motion INtuitive Guidance

Balance Your Power/Chi/Bioenergetical Field

This can be used in conjunction with other alternative therapies. It takes into account the whole person and helps activate each patient’s natural healing processes as well as restoring their physical, mental, & emotional WELL-BEing.

Nutritionist Smiling

WHOLE Life Education Guidance

Life Is Learning, Learning Is Life.

WHOLE Life Education INcompasses ALL of Life's YOUniqueLessons IN Divine Timing no brick & mortared concept could ever dream wish, or dare to recreate. WHOLE Life Learning expands ALL ages & ALL times & is multidimensionally INterconnected. It is a broad range of INtuivelyearned practices based on generations of sacred guidance. After a single session, you’ll start to see changes to your mind, body, concentration, comprehensin, retention, and energy levels. Contact me to find out more.


For Further Details

& To Book A FREE OF ALL COST Remote Session:

Select "Book Online" from the main menu 

"Show & Tell others they are Divinely Created to heal themselves, from the INside out, and they can be healed for Life." Portia Ann Just'is

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