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Are you feeling all the swirling energies? Experiencing triggers seemingly "out of nowhere"?

Feeling all the swirling energies?

Triggers popping UP seemingly "out of nowhere"?

Each Soul is on it's own YOUnique journey. If you are reading this, it is no coincidence, but rather a Divine moment, seed, or affirmation your soul is seeking & leading you to discover for yourself and INtuitively connect for yourself in your soul's own YOUnique timing.

Take only what resonates for you, let freely pass by you what does not resonate for you in your passing by here. Interconnected awareness comes with pace-ance, self unconditional love, & YOUnique Divine timing.

If you follow the Schumann's Resonance Charts, solar flare activity, space winds, & track patterns & trends popping up in the unified field as well as withIN yourself, you may already be consciously aware of the fact that Universal energies flow INto our corporal/physical bodies, are meant to freely flow through the body, and are not meant to get trapped or tripped up by our limited ego's attempts to "know it all" & "control" what is inherently not externally controllable.

Those deeply IN touch with their Higher Selves utilize the energies they feel as unbiased IN-form-ation fluidly flowing through them, AND they are well aware of the fact that they cannot ever control anyone or anything else except themselves. Those still deeply attached to their limited egoic thinking experience "upheaval," all that internal weight of swirling energies accumulating & trapping in the body as stress, anxiety, depression, oxidative stress, inflammation, & physical malfunctions that are truly screaming from their long ignored void for necessary attention & a chance to be healed.

Systemic smptomatic expressions from deep withIN arising INto mental, emotional, & physical matters simply are screaming unspoken volumes on behalf of the deeply forgotten, ignored, & trapped True Spiritual Self. The over inflamed, energetically blocked, & short fused body will attempt to take the ego out of commission by putting the body out of commission: signaling long ignored, over due Self Care is absolutely needed.

Self care is essential to healing & achieving Whole Health & Well BEing.

As spiritual/energetical blockages arise triggering mental, emotional, & physical feedback with nonverbal symptoms & dis-ease states of BEing, clearing the biopsychoenergetical field AND refilling it with pure unconditional love & light is absolutely necessary for actual healing to BEgin & continue, from the INside & thus to radiate out.

Whole Healing is a sequential process.

If not handled sequentially, the root cause continues to amass & resurfaces again & again over time screaming for authentic self connection & self assistance to heal.

Triggers are simply feedback of one's own energy/spirit self chosen to currently carry & thus embody unconsciously that reflect the chosen state of BEing & do affect autonomic functions.

As we become more consciously aware of our own triggers, we can thus then allow ourselves the opportunity to choose for ourselves how we want to shift & respond. This is the heart of manifestation & self creating our own YOUnique realities.

Shifting one's focus & perspective toward ALL INfinite possibilities that absolutely do exist outside of the limited ego is more than just possible. It is scientifically proven, for those who insist on seeing to believe. True authentic belief comes with actual experience that INnately defies the limited ego's logic.

Self care is TRUE Health Care. An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of "cure." (Ben Franklin)

Self Care is free & is always readily accessible to those who seek it.

A few Self Care "bridge modalities" scientifically known & proven to assist the freewilling who choose for themselves to personally INgage in their YOUnique mental, corporal/physical, energetical, spiritual, & soul healing process are:

•Mirroring: find a mirror, place your hands upon your heart, find your breath, breathe fluidly & fully, look deep withIN the darkness in your own eyes (known to be the windows to the soul). Fully feel whatever arises & allow the feelings to fully flow & freely release out of you. Breathe freely deeply knowing you are Divinely Created perfectly as you are. You are simply IN the process of living & discovering your own YOUnique footing with each of your own chosen, orchestrated steps in life.

•Utilize Grounding Techniques Daily & as often as you INtuitively feel you need.

New to grounding?

Check out the documentary "The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science Of Grounding" here:

(INtuitively research more for yourself as you feel led to.)

•Standing in Summer Rains.

Rain brings negative ions to help balance excessive positive ions, bringing necessary balance to the corporal body.

(INtuitively research to learn more for yourself.)

•Salt Baths & Salt Foot Baths.

Salt is a known magnetic ion that pulls excess energy out of the body. (Salt even pulls splinters out of the skin without digging.) Expensive salt is not required for energy detox salt baths & salt foot baths, although naturally sourced is highly recommended. Afterall, the salt water you make for your energy detox baths & foot baths do go down the drain.

• Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Stretching, Movement, Walking &/or running outside all are known to help energy in the body to fluidly flow & release out of the body. The main focal point for any of these practical modalities is to bring energetical coherence to the INterconnected mind, body, energy, spirit, & soul by aligning the movement of the eyes with the movement of the body.

Research any of these modalities to INtuitively learn more for yourself. Always know that any "protocol" is freely adaptable. You know your own self better than anyone else ever will.

• Keep Hydrated with clean neutral pH water. The body can only absorb & utilize about 4-5 generous sips of water every half hour. Too much, too little, too high pH, too low pH all do have deep inner affects on homeostasis. Alkaline water is known to help balance an acidic body, but must be considered very care-fully because pH absolutely affects absorption of nutrients, supplements, & any prescribed medications. Moderation of anything & everything is sound ancient wisdom worth deeply considering for oneself.

•Consume Naturally Sourced Trace Minerals that the neurological system requires for clear communication & connection between neurons, across cellular walls, & to properly perform cellular & metabolic functions.

It has been widely known for MANY decades that monopolized industrial agriculture has ravaged & depleted Earth's soils of its natural biome & trace minerals, while poisons & toxins have been intentionally poured, sprayed, & injected into our soil, water, air, foods, & medicines.

Trace Minerals not only are required for proper neurological communication as well as cellular & metabolic functioning, trace minerals also act as magnets to gently detox the body freeing up neurological energy blockages.

(INtuitively research more on the subjects of Trace Minerals' interconnectedness with the chemistry, biology, & physiology of the body's physical systems. Also feel free to check out the tab titled Black Oxygen Organics from the main menu of to find a very in-form-ative video & the link to their website.)

• Meditation, prayer, quiet time to rest, unwind, release, & reset. The focal point with any of these "go withIN" modalities is to release mental thoughts & allow oneself to quiet one's mind releasing INto the Present NOW moment absolutely unrestricted by anything grabbing at the mind & distracting the whole self. Meditation, prayer, quiet time can be performed sitting, standing, lying down, walking, dancing, playing music (like sound bowls & healing frequency tones), even weeding, sewing, painting, or any other INtuitively free flowing creative modality that allows the mind's thoughts to be released.

(To learn more about the power of words & thoughts, research Dr. Masaru Emoto's work.)

•Biofeedback & Frequency Energy Healing.

Our body's are literal generators & capacitors of energy. The mitochondria in each of our cells, when activated, create more energy during fasting & flips on known healing gene code sequences, defying what has been taught & is collectively known about genetics and caloric & mental INtake. Quantum Physics & Epigenetics alone have more than proven the existence of energy frequency's affects on upregulating & downregulating gene sequences, subsequently allowing healing or destructive qualities & characteristics to be resonantly expressed.

Scanning one's bioenergetical field and gaining feedback of one's own current bioenergy flows & blockages has been known for MANY decades. It is within the last 10 years or so that biofeedback has not only catapulted frequency feedback directly INto the hands of The People, but has also cataloged hundreds of thousands of known healing frequencies that are sent back to the body that are YOUniquely & sequentially needed in that moment.

(To learn more, check out The Healy tab from the main menu at

• Closely observing & assessing patterns of one's own YOUnique perceptions, beliefs, thoughts, words, & actions is necessary for healing change to BEgin to occur. Assessing what is actually serving well & what is not serving well for oneself that INnately radiates to others is absolutely essential. Opening one's own mind beyond one's own limited ego & freely choosing for oneself to wholly open oneself to what has intentionally never been taught at any level of school, in any flavor of church, & in families operating in mainstream railed thought is far worth more than many in the collective are currently consciously aware of.

Quantum Energy Healing is not just a Science, but ALL Sciences that has been long censored, silenced, & collectively ignored.

Quantum simply means multidimensional.

The Sciences are actually ALL Quantum, much to the shagrin of currently monopolized propaganda, conveyor belt "teaching" (programmed binary thinking) at nearly all levels of institutional & industrialized "education." Everything & everyone IS multidimensionally INterconnected. Coherence is homeostasis. Everything out of balance is continually striving for homeostasis, even to the destructive point when rebelling occurs. Rebelling simply is trying to free itself from external silencing & utter unconscious ignore-ance clambering to be heard, seen, & no longer neglected. Deconstructing illogical systemic "one size fits all" monopolized structures is occurring NOW at greater acceleration than ever before. Confusion & chaos are simply INnate to the processes of reorganizing & achieving homeostasis, INternally as well as externally.

True change, true healing only occurs from the INside & thus radiates out. It is the natural progression of life itself.

To assist yourself during this restoration period of Humanity & Creation together back INto harmony with oneself, one's surroundings, & the environment, self care is an essential & vitally necessary component. You have free permission to take care of yourself so that you can continue to care for your loved ones & your communities.

Guides (the falsely considered crazy ones) have helped me in my soul's quest & I have chosen to shift myself over two decades not knowing at all if I would ever be alive or not to witness The Fall and The Rise with this Great Awakening of Humanity. I am a self prepared guide, but I have not been alone & have received the help I have sought & learned to practice with myself and the INterested family, friends, & clients I serve. I am a certified Quantum Spiritual Energy Healer (which Healer itself is a collective misnomer, we each only ever heal ourselves or not by our own freewilled choice) as well as a certified Love & Authenticity Practioner, Coach, & Counselor with university level degrees in Biology & Chemistry as well as deep INtuitive studies of the Quantum Field. Feel free to reach out to me if & when you are looking for a guide who is more than willing to extend an unconditionally loving heart to the diversity that is you & the masses.


10 Self Care Quotes To INspire You When The Going Gets Tough

A few sources for the in-form-ation within this post that I have personally compiled over 2 decades of INtuitive study:

Eckhart Tolle

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Greg Braden

Dr. Bruce Lipton

Oliver Niño

Mandy Morris

These are among my favorite sources that help get others INterested in starting on their own YOUnique INtuitively led Whole Life Learning path. There are MANY more sources I have personally gathered. You, too, will no doubt INtuitively find whatever you choose to seek, whenever you are ready, & however you choose to flow.



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