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Pull-pit? Soap box? What is that when we stand upon the same ground, soul to soul, heart to heart...

Unconditional Love's most forgiving art form is letting go & letting live.

Forgiving another as well as oneself, letting you both go in order to allow God to fully move IN as the The Teacher, is the HIGHest form of respect any one can show any one else.

Do you think Jesus was wrong to say to "Let the dead bury the dead?" That's not all He said in context to followers being torn as to who to listen to, God Calling or people calling. Luke chapter 9 speaks volumes that most believers talk in circles avoiding. Yahweh is what Jesus' name was & His teachings are much more "taoist" than most believers ever dare themselves to study beyond their limited egoic beliefs. God did not Create religions, Jesus did NOT call Himself a Christian, nor did He say follow Christians nor any other human being. In Order to HEAR & SEE God moving in your life, you simply must empty your brain of all extortionist conditional beliefs, still your mind long enough, & you will undoubtedly REMEMBER the feeling of God from INSIDE your Divinely Created Authentic Self.

Only those who think they can control others, or want others to control them, think they or others are a substitute for God, using their limited egoic will as manipulation. God does not even control us so why should any one think they can control others, control outcomes, hold on to frustrations, aggravations, regret, revenge, & self absolutism? Fruits of the Spirit are worth feasting on often.

If you are so afraid of losing someone, a child of ANY age, that you need to stalk them or put them on a leash (ball & chain$ conditioning to the world$ whacked out way$), then find a noncrowded place to teach your child HOW to stand by you & you how to stand by them, without blame, shame, & guilt if they fall down & learn how to stand back UP by their own cape-able-ness. Sure, we ALL need help some times & need a hand back UP, unconditional love, & hug & a kiss, too. Humans are NOT dogs, and even MOST dogs are trainable without leashes.

Is the Truth Harsh? No, not really. People think the truth is harsh only when they cannot control that The Truth exists. Yes danger exists, living in fear is the liar. "For God has NOT given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love (Unconditional Love), and of a sound mind." 2 Timothy 1:7

If you are traumatized, church hurt, or never read the word of God in the Bible, the not-so-hidden books of the Bible, and withIN all other ancient sacred texts, reading for yourself without judging a book by its cover does miraculous wonders for the soul. Ask yourself why preists, & Christian pastors who go to seminary school, know hidden books of the Bible exist, & yet still don't widely share those with their followers. What are they hiding is important, why is not as important nor is it relevant for Whole Healing, although the why is NOT hard to suss out...the why is simply that they do not want to face The Truth, The Whole, & nothing but The Truth. God SO helped us by sending His Son, the Son of Man, so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16. He said ALL sacrifice is finished. He.said the OLD Testament (built around Hamarabi's Code) was finished. He said the New Covenant was all that was needed, that His yoke is easy & His burden Light. Most Christians & non believers get stuck on their self contrived sacrificial crosses persecuting themselves (martyring themselves) & persecuting others, sacrificing themselves to their self contrived fears of missing out on falling into order with the world$ way$, because they fail to comprehend the fact of His Ascension in Light Form taking His Body with Him, along with having already descended into hell, unlocking the gates of hell, inviting His brothers & sisters a way out, & taking the keys with Him so that no one had to stay in hell unless they wanted to. He said He is Alive in each of us forever more & in front of over 500 witness He ascended into Light Form. Is your trauma & suffering not believeable enough, WHOLLY Healing not believable enough, & that Jesus' Ascension not believable enough? No, this body is not everlasting, but the Spirit of God's YOUnique image in us is everlasting. How else is it that the memory of passed loved ones, like Yahweh, lives on through us? Attempting to box God or any one else into worldly traditionalism is not righteous in any way, shape, or form. Is there any wonder at all why John warned in Revelations that it would be the church that renders itself first?

Hello, we are here NOW.

Do you honestly think Humanity is so bulli$hly $tubborn as to have to consciously live out all of Revelations? Well the Mayans & The Hopi seem to think so, too, & prophesied a very similar fate well before John existed. Do you think we humans receive forewarnings with grace & preparedness? God was not stupid in Creating Creation's default mechanism & if you read Revelations, the Mayans, & the Hopi prophesies, you will learn that the principalities fall & humanity lives to tell about how Heaven is restored upon this Earth.

TO BE UNAFRAID & ALIVE RIGHT NOW & SPEAK BOLDLY WITH THE VOICE WE ARE DIVINELY GIVEN IS THE MOST SACRED HONOR, in my humble opinion, & not a breath worth speaking about The Whole Truth is wasted in vain. I value each & every soul; and, those who are willing to lay their minds to rest and heal their soul may not even yet know they are preparing themselves for The Homecoming...whether or not my physical body remains here before that day or not is not my concern. God's Will ALWAYS unfolds, whether every one chooses to love or like how it unfolds or not.

The caterpillar BEcomes the butterfly without stopping its destiny, nor hating itself nor hating other caterpillars, nor hating the fact that it, too, as the butterfly, will lay the new eggs that hatch more caterpillars. Every single facet of Creation has its Divinely Created soul purpose, including each & every human.


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