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Calling ALL Veterans & ALL Those 💉 Injured

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

First 9 months of the$e trial$ are proving very dismal so far & at huge cost to patients.

Hope exists.

I am currently writing humanitarian projects to serve Veterans & those adversely effected by 💉s using the Healy & Energy Medicine Modalities in concert with Whole Health & WELL BEing bridge modalities HIGH-LIGHT-ing the documentation of INtegrative approaches to Self Healing on a mass scale.

Would you like to be part of lifestory BEing written as it's happening?

Could you and anyone you know benefit from these project?

If you are among those 2 categories & would like to be added to the waitlist for these Humanitarian projects & a, respectively, free & half priced Healy, please PM me.

If you are ready NOW to take your Medical Sovereignity back FULLY, you certainly don't want to miss this VERY affordable option to fully to do what is already available as existing VERY vital options.

HONEST Science discards what is not serving Humanity well no matter the co$t to current practice$.

Med beds comprise other protect networkers and I are working to free from locked for decades Hospital basements. Much greater things are ahead than we ever leave behind. Try to remain positive.

Thank you from the depths of my heart & my whole BEing for choosing to be a part of the Help Make Humanity Great Again Efforts.


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