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Choices, choices, choices are within our freewill control, the cascading consequences unpredictable

My dad is who first taught me of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. His stories are both disheartening & heartening at the same time.

INspiration & INcouragement pop up as seemingly extra valuable in challenging times. I fully believe we each are Divine souls with a very YOUnique soul mission. I once came across a children's book of which I cannot remember the title or the author but one page struck me with INspiration unexpected in many unfolding ways. The concept of the book was expressing the YOUniqueness & ALL Oneness of each soul. Lots of light, colors, & love. One page was rather dark with a little light with words along the lines of, "Please don't forget me. Rember that we are really helping eachother. Please don't hate me if I am among the darkness that awakens the light in your soul."



What is True Authentic Freedom?

What INately comes with Freedom?

If Freewilled Freedom is a choice, how do we each wield the tool of freedom?

The stories that float around Jesus are many, true or fictional is irrelevant to the greater comprehesion a soul deeply feels when they learn they are not alone in the struggles to free the Truth that lives & breaths inside each soul.

We are much more powerful than we care to admit to ourselves, it is our own irrarional guilt & guiltlessness that fear feasts off of in the stifling boxes held with nails & bars & chains we forget for ourselves.

Jesus clearly said, "I am the Way, the Truth, & the Life." He boldly stood unconditionally loving ALL & speaking Truth performing miracles with those whom chose to connect with Him, even his closest friends who turned on him, he suffered unjustly with out repeating the vile done to Him through the abhorrent persecution & torture given to Him for simply speaking Hard Ill Truth, yet among his last words were: "Lord forgive them, they know not what they do."

Often we face challenges in life not knowing what to do, looking everywhere out there, when everywhere starts right here withIN each of us.

When will humanity learn that covertly repeating dirty tricks of our handler$ only hinder$ & bind$ ourselves? Counterfeit fiat money repeatedly alway$ $elf implode$.

When will we let go of the age-old attachment to the chains & branding labels upon everything & everyone as judgement, divi$ion, & revenge toward self & others when those label$ & chain$ to the grind do nothing but overstep boundaries, steal dignity, sovereignity, liberty, & freedom from already impoverished masses of souls ju$t to pay the wealthy by our own freewill?

When is being pawns & useful idiots to monopolized tyranny'$ game$ & $low ma$$ genocide ramping up AGAIN enough?

When is enough enough?

When will we collectively be satisfied & appreciative for what we have been freely given & stop snobbily cowering to the next rotten candy apple$ on the conveyor belt$ blinding us with it's shiny heap$ of mountain$ of tra$h upon tra$h upon $eeping tra$h piling & piling & piling up before WE notice the $tench of the lie$ upon lie$ piling up before our $woolen crying "gimme me more" eye$ we willingly have bought & sold & to$$ed over our $houlder$ repeatedly?

When will enough taxes be enough taxes for what is said to be given & received, yet never given & therefore never received?

We are Created in the image of God, that is for billions of believers of many different names & traditions of God & gods across time.

Whatever you may believe or may not believe, do you think The Universal Everyone Of Who We Are wants us to hide the truth for the sake of temporary false safety?

What is safety & security anyway?

What is choosing to stay focused on one's own limited perspective$ of goal$ & money we can never take with us when the freedom to use those goals & money while we're here is dangled over us massively being stripped from the masses before our eyes Globally? Even the "well intentioned" are now buying & selling access to the Truth as if the Truth & our lives are commodities that can ever be totally silenced, stripped, bought & sold at a price.

The little secret societies that lure in the unsuspecting into echo chambers, do you really think that in those bunkers & rockers there is space created for the ones footing the bills for those projects with taxes laundered from all over the world?

We foot those bills, don't miscalculate how the global economy works and to whom we pay with our purchases & taxes to control the flow of our money, food, water, trades, medicines, & human movement & trafficking.

What, wait until the bottom completely falls out for the majority to finally act as if something happened when it clearly has been happening on a mass scale for far, far too long?

Never underestimate the power of what one soul or small group of souls can do, whatever infinitely possible ways they intend to do whatever they do. Freewill is a very powerful tool that when yielded for the gain of the self eventually turns back upon the self. It's simple manifestation, ask & you shall receive, & in some realms is called kharma. Our will, our understanding, pales in microscopic form to the Universal Will.

How does the tide turn during storms?

The Truth itself is SO massively encompassing that its ripple overtakes all the many lies there ever have been. Another analogy The Truth is so blazingly & starkly bright that the darkness cannot really hide. Even the two sides of yin & yang show the blatant contrast is True.

God is pure love, grace, & mercy. So he both does not hold us guilty nor guiltless, yet we choose to suffer either way if we feel guilty or guiltless. Self reflection, self correction, & unconditional love for self & others with personal boundaries set with self control frees us from the bounds & boundlessness of guilt. Funny how repentance works miraculously like that.

If God were a wrathful God do you think "He," Who really is "ALL," would have already struck all of humanity dead once & for all? God knows there is goodness left in us, among even the wretched. God awaits to receive us in all our self pitiful muck with open arms and allows us to clean up ourselves. What a welcome home party recoverers can throw with pure joy & happiness for one & another.



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