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Aromatherapy: Essential Oils make a handy on the go medicinal "cabinet."

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

I'm a nonfiction bookworm; and yes, I love stories, too. I also L.O.V.E. quintessential resources, & this new journal that will be on it's way soon to companion one of my most favorite & super handy, in-form-ative, & very INspiring EO books is a perfect match.

Aromatherapy is sacred ancient medicinal modality & INterconnects mental, physical, cellular, & spiritual healing. And Essential Oils make a handy on-the-go medicinal "cabinet" you can take with you along with these handy sized, great for backpacks reference books that teach & INspire and are BEautiful to look at and sauve to the touch. I just love the many different textures of textiles humanity creates together.

Do you use essential oils? If so, do you have a favorite oil or blend?

I love citrusy & earthy smells like orange, cinnamon, & frankensence . And my favorite blends are immunity blends like On Guard from DoTerra, Thieves from Young Living, & Immunity Boost from Revive Oils.

Did you know that Essential Oils are now being used in INtegrative & co-operative hospitals around our nation, & have been for many decades in other nations that embrace tried & true natural healing modalities. Research & see what you find. Use free open platform browsers like Duck Duck Go & Tor to seek beyond censorship here. And yes that FDA disclaimer applies. Nothing ever really is an exact diagnosis, treatment, or cure until tested, tried, & results are observed. As with ANYTHING research thoroughly & seek HONEST INtegrative & Co-operative Physicians who are INterested in broad-spectrum studies, viable options, & do not refuse that conventional medicine is sometimes required for advanced prolonged illnesses, disorders, & diseases.

I have several EO reference books & APPs that are all great, but this one is my absolute favorite & the Journal is a delightful treat. I typically journal notes from my reference books onto notepads or handy pieces of paper that I find just about anywhere & everywhere but not really when I am looking for them. I AM SO EXCITED TO ADD THIS COMPANION BOOK TO MY LIFE & MY ORGANIZING ATTEMPTS😅

My favorite shelf Reference book Is "Prescription For Nutritional Healing" which catalogues symptoms & ailments and showcases multi medicinal options & modalities that have been successfully used across the spectrum of medicinal studies for many decades, truly centuries.

And, you can find Dawn Camp & her BEautiful work in several places, too. I met her in 2012 working with Classical Conversations. She is an awe-mazing writer, photographer, friend, & whole life educating colleague who also has written many INspirational books for families with several featuring many contributing writers with their INterconnecting Truth stories that help lift & brighten readers' souls. 💖🌟 💖🌟


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