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Everything & Everyone is MORE than significant to me personally. Many simply don't comprehend, YET.

I've been on a BIG mission project of many mission projects this past week, more details on the BIG one to come as developments make head way & are confirmed through my personal experience.

For now, I share some thoughts here today with you all that are very near and dear to my heart that receive unwarranted, yet VERY INsightful, $crutiny from the even the most un$u$pecting individual$ in hopes to INspire & INcourage others for whom this message may resonate deeply with their soul...

For me personally, the Truth is that every single soul actually offers me priceless life lessons that I do not describe as nothing.

I simply learn from all souls through life experience with those drawn upon my paths in life, or I to theirs, & freely share present NOW moment INsights that just flow through me, kinda like a coach, a guide, & a cheerleader wrapped up as one to cheer-fully UPlift another soul's own Divine INtuitive guidance, as well as my own in the process of continually learning.

What throws the guru-ized specialists & expert externalists off is that I don't choose to sell another external program that never fits all with the exact same results.

Yes, gurus have figured out what works very well for them, & do so well for themselves at it that others naturally want the personal freedom gurus have created for themselves & ask them for a step by step external program to tell them what to do, only to find that yet another external program just doesn't fully nor wholly "cut it" for themselves... which has its own rooted issues in truly unfulfilling external insecurities that plague humans.

What I love most about any work that I have ever done, is the "I can do this INtuitively myself" light bulb that sparks ON when another's INtuition makes connection points to clear reflective results of otherwise overlooked small shifts that ultimately lead to seemingly "instantaneous" big shifts that lead toward the path of Divine Whole Healing on Multidimensionally INterconnected systemic levels, that does not cut out the past but rather HIGHLY honors the past as part of in-tact whole life WITH all its MANY INterconnected lessons, especially the really, really hard lessons we never ever would ask for all on our own.

Truth is once someone experentially senses anything, one cannot undo the memorable sensations experienced.

The human senses themselves (& there are more than 5) are Divinely Created as INternal guages that nonverbally speak volumes generally & outrightly deafened by the world's externally distractive cacaphony.

Want True Whole Healing for the World?

IT is truly obtainable,

but not from the external.

True Whole Healing only happens INternally thus then radiates out. Empaths understand this deeply, although most have not learned how to recognEYES self destructive protector moded patterns. Sadly many empaths have been derogatorily dubbed overly sensitive emo's, who then face compoundingly trapped feelings they take on & absorb INto their mental & physical bodies that leave them feeling more than emotionally cut off from those they love the most, which sadly becomes expressed in the forms of protector moded addictions to self harm, self cutting, & paralleled sky rocketing suicide rates.

I am simply here for the Come Back Kids of ALL ages, many of which naturally yet unconsciously share with me their deepest life struggles in conversation, their financial woes, & many even show & tell me they don't even have a pot to pi$$ in.

I simply do not need the world's flim$y money $y$tem$ to validate my soul's purpose work. Yes, I do need money to pay for the essential things, too, that put food on the table for my family & keep a roof over our heads.

Funny thing is, that even with nurturing this freely open mentality I was INnately Created with, ALL OF MY NEEDS ARE ALWAYS ALREADY MET, regardless of what another chooses to take forward with them or not. The least I can do in return for the gift of my free life is to freely offer my gifts, skills, & talents, while I freely receive the gifts, skills, & talents others are willing to share with me. No small or big pass-it-forward deed goes unnoticed by me. Reciprocation has NOT ever been linear to me. Whether or not any one thanks me or pays me is purely irrelevant to my soul, it is the grand unconditionally loving gestures others then go forth freely creating & sharing with others in their own lives that truly lights my soul's fire even brighter & brighter.


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