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HAARP & DARPA, what are those? And how do they affect humans & the environment?

Don't you just love all the acronyms?

How tricky. Not!

Research DARPA & HAARP.

And if you're a super curious learner:

How concerned are you about the environment, kingdom of animals, plants, and humanity?

It's not just the 3 letter agencies that were created as propagandists, dictators, tyrants, & terrorists rather than watch dogs BY & FOR WE The People. We pay each & every one of them. They ALL work for US! Many need to not only be fired, but must also be tried under International Military Tribunal Courts & International Common Laws of The Land (Not The Sea) for crimes against humanity, mass slow genocide, sedition, & treason, among other crimes. The principles & values of the systems we create must be restored and our governing body must have term limits to ensure that all citizens have the opportunity to serve The People with honest representation of their constituents, & federally all of the people.

The Justice System & State Bars have been, since 2016, methodically restoring Constitutional Law by the law. And no you won't here that on the news. Get to know & work with a wide variety of people.

This has been a "global sting operation" since well before the first White House briefing delivered on the ides of March 2020. World War III began with 911 and The NWO is boldly claiming, by agenda & plan, a last stand against humanity. ID 2020 Agenda 21 & The Gathering of 2014 are all very researchable & *clearly spell "it all" out.

The Earth Alliaace, comprising of nearly 3 dozen countries, is fighting FOR Humanity. No, nothing is, was, or will be fully covered by "the news." Meanwhile, WE The Innocent People Of The US & The World are re-educating ourselves & we are healing through consciously expanding our collective awareness. We're in it together, united or not, for however long it takes for us to learn. We've been at this for a very, very long time. One would think we'd figure out by now where we've repeatedly gone wrong, and start trusting OUR own INtuition & discernment.



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