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Linus Pauling was on to it way back when! So why haven't WE & our "MDs" been taught of ALL his work

Linus Pualing is mentioned on the NIH website.

So, how is it that "Dr. Fuaci" commanded silence & censored that vitamin C is a WELL known cure for viruses & why were honest physicians here in the US lose their licenses while here & around the world were having GREAT SUCCESS this time last year with ALL of their patients surviving with FLYING COLORS from very severe cases of Covid.

As a Whole Life Educator, Practitioner, & Advocate, I share springboards of in-form-ation with my students to whet their whistles & ask them to research Linus Pauling & share in CONVERSATION what they learn with their learning mates & any one who will allow them the time of day to be heard.

Please do not just blindly believe me, or any one for that matter!

Research MANY sources, read thoroughly, & share what you learn here & everywhere.

America is learning how learn & how to read for themselves, not just parroting what to think any more.

INJoy Whole Life Learning & the passion for reading re-ignites.

Be sure to check out B.O.O. & consider adding these very vital essential minerals back into your diet. There are MANY clinical studies on fulvic & humic acid, I've tested around & I have chosen this formulation which can be ingested orally, used as face masks, foot baths, & tub soaks. You'd be ewe-mazed 😅 at what the body expels from hidden deep inside!

Essential minerals are key for neurological & cellular functions, oxygen absorption, among many other things, as WELL as helps prevent MANY diseases.

I'll be adding more with time.

I'm learning how to dial my "firehouse" of knowledge so I don't blow the shy one's away. 😅

If you're interested in pure HONEST, "straight from the horse's mouth," primary testimonials, all you have to do is ask.

No hand raising required.

I INspire & INcourage, but do not force.

Self experience & assessment are key skills as WE together reinforce comprehension. Humans are known to not forget what they choose to study BEcoming very passionate to study MANY, MANY subjects VERY SUCCESSFULLY on our own with experience for ourselves in Whole Life "School." INJoy your YOUnique soul's process. 💖🌟


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