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Money does not grow on trees & crushed rock minerals are not absorbed by the body. Learn policies.

As if money grows on trees or ethically printed & laundered with hot pre$$e$! ๐Ÿ˜‚

When serious truth is bleeped, we ALL are bleeped. Humanity is only the elite controller'$ problem.

WE The People are NOT one another's enemies.

Research the ACTUAL numbers. Primary testimonies speak volumes. There's a group, just ask me for your INgraved INvitation.

And, rest assured the 1776 Constitution, IMTH, & The Nuremberg Code levy very clear definitions.

As a springboard of what is spoken near the end of this, WE SAY NO MORE INjected POISONS, TOXINS, & SLOW MASS GENOCIDE.

What is there to do about detoxing from high $ocietie$ $torming nightmare$?

Check out why trace minerals are keystones to Whole Health & WELL BEing, VERY NEEDED daily nutrition not currently found in foods, where to learn more & how to get the most versatile source for MANY uses: go to Click on Black Oxygen Organics from the main menu.

What's your INterested Resonance all about?

We gotta a cool tool for that, too.... that scans remotely. While at The Irie Light main menu be sure to check out the Healy tab. Feel free to dial me UP if you'd like a free trial scan & comprehensive report.


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