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Multidimensional Quantum Energy & the Whole BEing, an introduction of many sorts

Sharing here with anyone interested in learning more about how multidimensional Quantum Energy affects the health of the Whole BEing: all the organal, cellular, neurological, & metabolic parts of the physical body, perceptions, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, energy, spirit, & soul all highly INterconnected.

frequency = form

form = function

part 1

part 2

part 3

In light of some of what is shared withIN these lessons, two books expanding conscious awareness come to mind:

The Indivisible Rainbow

by Arthur Firstenberg

is more than an excellent read.

A summary of TIR:

Animal Vegetable Miracle

by Barbara Kingsolver

EVERYTHING & EVERYONE is composed of energy. Our YOUnique bioenergetical blueprint operates by which we tell ourselves & what we feed ourselves, with what we choose to consume not only by eating, but what we choose to perceive & think about ourselves, anything, or anyone. The "normal" most operate I is only self-perceived as normal because they have yet to allow themselves to experience what else actually exists- Creation's UNIverse holds INfinite Possibilities, lest any one attached to external control forgets free will is an endowed birthright given to each & EVERY soul, whether every soul consciously realEYESES their YOUnique Divinely Freewilled BEing or not.

In the practice I personally conduct, everything I do is purely according to The Highest Greatest Good of ALL, NOT what I think...the Source of ALL absolutely knows the exact sequential order YOUniquely needed for a person's Whole Healing.


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