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Myths of Natural Medicine: An Uncommon, YOUnique Discovery of The Myths of Naturally Whole Health

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Is it any wonder that the generations raised with limiting beliefs of themselves & others say "adulting" is hard as they simply slink into the abyss of darkness, with their spark of life wallowing in INflamed stress, depression, anxiety, fear, and panic. The rise of addiction$ to bag$ of one pill wonders of $nake oil "medicine$," the in tandem rise of myriad mental health "disorders" injected since birth afflicting ALL ages & kinds of humans, the massive rise of suicide, along with the relentless branding & trafficking of ill desire$ (legally & illegally) of absolutely anything that will bring a buck to monoplolizing corporation$ $elling fal$e help$ laced with MANY side effect$ to numb the pain$ inflicted by limiting belief$, in the guise of assurance & ponze $cheme$ of in$urance to keep us from inevitable death, to put food on our tables, a roof over our heads, & keep the lights on that corporate held governments then tax us to death at every exchange.

Not many in the US have learned what is not taught in school that the unconstitutional Acts of 1871 and 1986 have done to kill humans' birthrighted sovereignty with the fall out of unconstitutional & legalized illegal policies tied to not only these two abhorrent unconstitutional acts but MANY more acts, including the 1963 Congressional adoption of the Communi$t Manife$to, all tied, bound, & gagged by dictatorial authoritie$ who di$h out "because I say so" end-all-be-all B$. God called my soul into a passionate pursuit not only for seeking and discovering many truths, but with a heart so deeply unafraid to step into the wilderness of life with a free open heart & mind forging paths off beaten tracks. I have been choosing paths less traveled my entire life, finding & meeting many people of many YOUnique kinds who are so desperate, and yet so resentful and restrictive in their mindsets that they reject this type of birthrighted freedom, who often call me crazy, dismissing me with a phrase I have heard so often it truly saddens me every time I hear it: "I don't know how you do what you do and appear so happy. I could never do what you do." I humbly & wholeheartedly cheerlead them on saying they can do anything & authentically, unconditionally love anyone when they choose to put their own Divinely pure heart into everything they perceive, think, say, & do, too. It is not until later with time when they start to catch on that I am not only not crazy but that I am also not alone in this reality: that birthrighted freewilled choice exists beyond the propaganda check boxes of limited "multiple" choices and framed fill in the blank "tests" used as false predictions of illusional & delusional "success" or "peril." My life's mission has been to spark the light in the souls who are drawn into my realm of light. I see their shyness, disconnectedness, sadness, depression, anxiety, anger, rage, revenge, self affliction, and addictive habits of personal choice as The Creator's clear sign to me that they are simply Divine souls trapped in the bondage of age old deceptive lies echoing and reeling in seemingly never ending loops in their minds. Their hearts are simply disconnected from their Soul-full Spirits. These are no exaggerations, and very hard truths to face for many souls: every single person I have had the humble honor of connecting with on a deeply personal level in conversation *always* ends up confessing to me of their deep old traumas stemming from childhood within their families and churches (of every religion *and* yes even those claiming to have no religion, but do absolutely attach themselves to beliefs projected upon them) OR an external traumatic event that left deeply invisible scars upon their minds & hearts, not only in their mental self, but in their interconnected physical and spiritual self.

I see their Divine light flickering, and I fan their Created flame in their presence. It can feel like a lonely walk at times, but I know who to directly call when I feel alone, and it is The Indivisible God The Creator, Jesus, the Blessed Mother, & ascended light beings who instantly arrive every single time I call out for guidance for doing this purpose work of my soul. Every single time, I cry releasing the feelings of the suffering and the wailing of lost souls just trying to skate by in life, and all the suffering souls who have been genocided to the oppressive lies of dictorial tyrants. It is dangerous to walk in another's shoes. We not only quickly find out who they are, but when we've been blindly following "leaders" in our lives claiming to have the easiest answers, the 5 step plans to success and a life of abundance$, that true unconditional love is absent. No one can truly save us from our misery, not a parent, not a lover, not a spouse, not a friend, not even the doctors helping to give patients seconds upon seconds upon seconds of second chances to arise and try again. Until we see our whole health & well BEing as our Divine human right existing right INside of us, we'll continually keep falling to the oft fruitless winds of ill enducing change.

Love and the healing arts (now referred to as Quantum Healing) is what my soul is here to do. And I will never tire doing The Creator's work for my soul no matter what trail I forge moving forward. I've made mistakes in my life trying to numb my own pains. Many paths I have forged have been in close proximity to the well trodden path$. I love relationships, having fallen into traps and pits when I wasn't sure of my own footing. I am not holier than thou, I am a sinner and when I sit with many willing to open up to me & allowing me time to open up to them, they often say I never knew that about you. Frankly, there's a lot we all do not know of each other. We have not been authentically & wholeheartedly listened to. Ever sit in a room where a parent leaves their child crying because it's just not time to do certain things. I'm guilty, too, although I adhered to "attachment parenting principles" when my kids were younger. As my kids have grown, the positions I have held demanded a lot of time, energy, and effort that meant I couldn't just abandon my responsibilities and high ethics. The Creator has a way of turning *everything* for a good and perfect plan I could never dream of on my own, to welcome and recover all souls authentically seeking to find themselves. See my big kids also learned to take care of things like their own wash, cleaning the house, tending to their bills, cars, and jobs and pay their way toward the things they desire-pure appreciation and gratitude is what they natrually show me. I do notice they, along with millions of others, show a very different presence online....and that is where I will stop for now, mirror projecting ourselves upon others is for a whole different wondering mind trail. Before I go, I encourage you to fact check everything mentioned here. Search engines are available, and if I can curiously find these trails of my self interests, so can you. Here are a few to take along with you on your journey for now: Dr. Joe Dispenza

Depak Chopra

Bruce Lipton Greg Braden CSLI App Said Study App Research:

Great Thinkers Ancient Texts of all kinds Hidden Books of the Bible alongside the many translations of the Bible As always it is my pure INtention to INcourage and INspire every single soul who happens along my path. Have fun discovering and INjoy the fleeting moments in infinite time. We are but a vapor in time and it is Unconditional Love I aim to share along with the Light of myriad truths we share together. The truth comes with all kinds of feelings and emotions, Love aces them all! All myths aside: Natural Alternative Medicine Is Truly A Wholly, Holy Healing, Completely YOUnique Developmental Process. Divinely Created Mother Earth provides a very real medicinal cabinet right at our finger tips #naturalmedicine #spiritualenergyhealing

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