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Need help but not quite sure what kind of help? My humble & priceless gift to humanity: details here

As a priceless & humble service to humanity:

• I host the world's only FREE Free Speech Forum that does NOT give, sell, or buy member identity or content ever for any reason whatsoever.

• I FULLY WELLcome ALL free market networkers & INtegrative collaborators.

• Trigger Forewarning: in the pure fashion of God's directives, & not humans, I pose NO RULES, NO CONDITIONS, NOR RESTRICTIONS ON ANY TYPE OF SPEECH. After working WITH adolescents, as well as all ages for over 3 decades, I personally have repeatedly witnessed that when given the chance to freely speak, humans do a miraculous about-face & self respect as well as respect for all others is the INnate long lasting result.

•ALL of my content is FREE & shareable to ALL INterested

• ALL of my skills, talents, & services are currently CO$T FREE for any soul desiring co-operative & INtegrative Whole Healing & WELL BEing for themselves.

• While those in my field find this ab$olutely nut$,

I personally choose to highly respect my clients & allow them full autonomy to value & price my services they receive from me. Trading skills is more valuable to me than any red cent could ever attempt to equalize.

• I personally have repeatedly experienced that when I freely h unconditionally give my love, energy, time, & talents to those choosing to directly connect with me, that my life naturally resonates massive abundance back with EVERYTHING I could never even dream of needing.

• What do my clients receive from me:

Pure Authentic ME

NO Bull sh*tting

A certified and trained therapist, energy healing practicioner, guide, coach, & true friend.

Someone more than willing to unconditionally love ALL no matter how muckety muck any one's lifestory currently is.

Learn how to deeply feel & INtuitively INterpret their own biopsychophsiological energetical resonance as well as learn how to feel, INtuitively INtepret, & transmute the unified field of consciousness' effects on their YOUnique auric field.

Learn how to access their INnate INtuitive Power.

Learn different ways to muscle test things from the external to ascertain what their body is nonverbally telling them they need & do not need to be consuming physically as well as mentally & spiritually.

Learn myriad grounding techniques.

Learn how to clear, align, & refill their auric field.

Learn how to deconstruct h reconstruct belief patterns not serving them well.

Together, WE get to the roots of the roots of the rooted roots of trauma, energy blockages, & resulting temporary dis-ease states.

Along with receiving much, much more VERY personally YOUnique & INtuitively led guidance.

• I also refuse to pay for adverti$ement campaign$ that ultimately pay the enemy of Humanity.

All of my networking is purely & authentically organic, as is my INtire existence.

Please feel free to share as widely, or not, as you choose, wish, care, or dare to do so.

I thank YOU, those INterested in Authentic Birthrighted Sovereignity, for ALL the help YOU provide to those of whom you pass true graciousness forward.

My INtentions are souly FOR the Greatest Highest Good of ALL, which is God's pure will no matter what any religiousitiness cares to name, perceive, think, say, or freewillingly do for themselves.

Find out more about me & what I do at

WE The People Of The World ONLY *FREE* Free Speech Forum

where the collective who joins meets & learns with me h other rebels FOR OUR Whole Health Revolution With 2020 Vision.


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