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NOT your "normal" Sunday message coming IN Loud & Clear. Keep Calm as You Read On ๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŒŸ

The 1% controller$ know very well that humans have been trained & deeply programmed for centuries to have absolutely no clue of our real very authentic energetical/spiritual POWER.

OUR Power is unmatchable.

And God Created each of US

perfectly with everything we need.

Our Greatest Power is in our healing

unconditional love for ourselves & ALL others.

They try to recreate us & gmo things like

vi'R Uses & gmo jabs in labs to remove freewill & remove the healing unconditional love,

and that does not even work to match

OUR Power nor contain OUR Power.

Our Medical Sovereignity was stripped for US with the unconstitutional Act of 1986.

WE already have OUR Sovereign Power

withIN US, which cannot ever be taken from US, no matter how hard any one, group, things or things could ever futilely try.

They've tried to squelch our energetical/spiritual power through indoctrination in school, church, & corporate entities, and through direct energy weapons "invisibly" & "inaudibly" through sheer frequency.

See frequency energy blueprints do NOT change, however they DO evolve & can be evolved, DNA can be changed, contrary to current popular & way wrong beliefs instilled through propaganda. Look around here & the world. It is easy to spot the tormented blue light cities, counties, states, provinces, & countries that began surfacing & raging in the Summer of 2020.

Not even their external mind control can stop US. I suppose they thought we'd never catch on nor learn for ourselves the patterns & tell tale signs of tyranny, how authoritarian of them.

Humans are INate rebels when OUR Power is being stolen by tyrannical souls hel* bent on creating their own will even at the expense of trying to annhilate the spirits of the innocent children, truly children of ALL ages, withIN each of US. They have been very proactively formulaic with their agenda & plan.

NO agenda or plan contrived withIN the confines & limitations of egoism ever goes exactly as according to the plan.

Why? Simoly, 7.8 billion souls x 7.8 billion INfinite NOW moments choices x โ™พ = โ™พ INfinite possibilities at any given one point in time. Mathematically speaking, an ego's will, agenda, plan, schedule, checkbox list INherently will NEVER supercede ALL soul's, most assuredly NOT soul's who freewilling choose to align & center WITH God's Will.

Ask any parent of multiple children, especially parents who have been well programmed INto falsely BElieving that it is their job to control their children, unconsciously adopting the U$A, INC's formulas of fudging results. Speak with any frustrated, angry, forewarned legalistically operating parent & their children, & the black sheep, either in person or excommunicated, will unconsciously surface as a pattern interrupt that not only defies the very not hidden illogical & invalid approach to externally controlling procedures. Even among the slices of heaven chosen to be framed in selfies & attention seeking pride, as if an external affirmation can ever make the real out of sight out of the receiver's limited ego's mind caught in the great abyss of "I am doing this right, see? But am I really doing okay about what I am choosing to have done, do, & how it's ALL turning out to BE. Ever try to throw a party, and the crumbling disconnected soul's come INto conversation? The whole whose who who gets to be INvited & not INVITED in the family or among so-called "friends." And hear the gossip in the feelings being satellite from the pit from those hemming & hawing (from the pit$ of living hel*) threaded gossip & spinning woven lies of condemnation, false judgement, & the killing of the Holy Spirit of the bravely bright soul rebelling living hel* fal$ely labeled a$ black $heep $old to the $laughter of the ma$ter$ of the home en$laved to the making a living hel* for them$elve$ and other$ they influence?

Ever hear about heaven & earth in the Bible, or *any* other ancient text that parallels the Bible?

Ever see where the living hel*s & living heavens appear revealing themselves in full form,

yet unseen but clearly heard?

Hel* is not separate from us, nor is Heaven.

Look INto the hottest burning flame of the goldsmith, you WILL see the empty dark space between the ignitor source & the blue flame, which burns off ALL impurities leaving ONLY Pure Gold in the refining process. The alchemist futiley tries to u$e "fool'$" gold mixed with har$h chemical$ *known* to be poi$onou$ fal$ley attempting to create gold, which ONLY God The Creator can Truly Create. No, WE cannot ever sh*t brick$ of gold NOR $eed bean$ egoicly willing a golden child for riche$ & glory told.

So, For God's Sake People, where's the True Gold, the Real Gold, The Authentic Uncondtional Love of God withIN Humanity, whom is Created IN the image of God, The one also referred to & called by name as The Great I AM?

Who are we then?

Do WE see INside ourselves For God or look to the external world grasping at $traw$, and NOW the all ma$ked per$ona$ of blind follower$ arises showing the two faces, the real one "invisible" for the fake one blindly & blantanty seen.

Ever speak with the soul's NOT INvited & hear the layers of their traumatized BEing peel off their protective default mode of 3D the world'$ weak armor off themselves that not even the "be$t invented" & peddaled door to door $naked oil medicine po$ed as if the cure that $ave$ all, can NEVER contain, hide, nor protect what IS actually Created by God INside, under, & behind misconstrued, misINterpretted, & mistranslated BEing so-$aid-of-ly $erved up on fool'$ guided platter$ a$ the modern day golden cow$ WE call idol$ along with ALL the di$traction$ of bloody red flag$ cluttering the field$ yet again with the blood of man $pulling forth in it$ INternal competitiveness $$ of the game$ WE choo$e to play & cha$e on $unday$

Lack of authenticity NEVER serves the self NOR any other soul well, NEVER.

Illness withIN the naturally Created darkness of a soul & its spirit is VERY evident withIN the vi$ibly & audibly numbed a$leep by the loll$ of the world.

NO weapon formed against US shall ever prosper. Not even that which is asked for, prayed for, & recreated through the missed yet veryevidentky repeating lessons aiming for HELL* ON EARTH to finally come with the "Armageddon" that actually has been eviddntally raging since well before Christ revealed Himself as The Anointed Prophet Of God who, what? Was tortured, beaten, imprisoned, & killed by lethal INjection with 3 nail$ driven not only INto His precious hands and feet, but repeatedly driven INto His bleeding cup poured up, yet sadly replaced with wine. Out of the loose tongue mouth, speaks the heart of the drunkard, is an old wife's tale never to dismissed as just an old saying, but profoundly timele$$ Gold of HONESTY spilling forth out the the tears & babbling me$$ of the drunkard on one's kneels hugging porcelain god$ crying, spewing & purging the spirits of belligerency to finally be flu$hed away.

It is pouring thunder storms ALL around the Earth. Are you seeing the dam$ flood gate$ breaking apart & bursting forth not only in natural streams but the main$tream$ that cannot $tand to hold back the Flooding TRUTH RISING INto the Light, even from the darkness of night as seen in the Dawn of The New Day arising?

Many say God's wrath is doing all this raging. Is The Prodigal Father wrathful?

Who Created God's Children INto the raging mess?

God's Pure Love clearly did!

For all ancient texts read WE ALL come from a place or many places unknown, with some of us of this world.



BELIEF is what not only miraculously heals & collectively said as unbelievable, yet isn't ALL just a little too unbelievable that WE actually find OURSELVES IN ALL OF THIS.

God IS Pure Authentic Love, no matter what divi$ive reliogiou$ity echoe$ with its illusive fear$. NO-THING can ever separate the Pure Love of God FOR ALL of His children.

Why is there doubt that ALL are welcomed Home By God?

Where does God Himself the gate$ of Heaven & Hel* actually are?

INside the heart of mankind: every heart of every man, woman, & child breaking apart from the INside out.

God does NOT lock His children out off Heaven NOR casts His children chained INto the pit$ of hel*.

Our freewilled Consciousness, or lack there of, precisely does.

Hence the repetive lesson of The Prodigal Son.

God does NOT create comparisons, grudges, nor revenge.

He absolutely well-comes ALL of His children Home h He greets us not on the side of our life, but runs out to His Son after having waited pace-ntly for SO long, loves his son unconditionally, well-comes him home, & cannot contain His Joy & Excitement & chooses to celebrate in royal style that ONLY Pure Authentic Love For The God INside can see, yet as many times as the parable is told, the sleepy ma$$e$ $till don't comprehend the Abosultely ALL encompassing moral that clearly supports what I say here. (Please question everything & hold fast to that which is write & true.)

Keep CALM (peaceful) AND CARRY ON RRADINV FOR YOURSELF... perhaps bridging the points excised, cut out, & morphed by $ociety.

How Did The Prodigal Father in the Oarable SHOW US with His actions that extend well beyond the words?

Actions do speak louder than words, don't they?

With His Honest Son who crawls home broken & IN de$pair, repenting his $in$, saying I'm sorry I have $inned again$t You, Father forgive Me?

With His Jealous Son eager to condemn His brother, attempting to keep God's child in His brother, breaking His brother's soul & cru$hing His Spirit?

It is said in many realms that Christ IS both revealed IN Himself as well as Satan, and the Bible is also clear on that?

Which verses are chosen to be memorized & why? For high high horse$, riche$, succe$$, & fame? Or for God's Will no matter the myriad matters we choose to create in our futlie toil$ & labor$ for age-old $lave ma$ter$, modern day called creator'$, brand$, their chosen advertisor$, with their mi$$ion$ of ad campaign$, all ver$ed in the tactics of p$ychological control$. Trend$ are very known to be $et in contracted $tone$ before the $ea$on$ are ever $taged!

Corona is NOT happening to US, but FOR US.

Much all around is falling & will fall,

here, around the globe, yet they still can't trap The Holy Spirit of A Human *if we ourselves do not choose to allow them getting entangled in webs of consequences for not thinking before blindly signing soul contracts. The fine print is clear of whose responsibility it is for one's choices.

See, like the caged bird tirely fretting at the bars to get out, it *shifts* to actually be able to see the lighted cage door has already been wide open all along! The bird then clicks & INnately knows to simply fly through it & out of the cage. Ever seen a bird just fly back in & stay there. Stuck is not comfy, stuck is sick. America has been sickened for a very long time. Research the numbers of diseases there are & the death rates for the last 40 years at least. The 3rd leading cause of death in The US is malpractice. Go figure.

Must knows:

This is how energy spiritual healing works:

Only ever by consent & with pure unconditional love. Which is vastly opposite from the raging tyrannical psyche of individuals wanting their controllers to tell them what to do & when to do it, how to do it, & fkr how long spinning themselves to death in circles of draining energy, anxiety, depression, oxidative stress, inflammation, neurolgical, cellular, metabolic, genetic, epigdnetic, auto immune, organ systems, skeletal, skin, and on all levels of the mind, body, energetical field, spirit, & soul.

The energy wars are spiritual wars on ALL sacred fronts of Humans.

Many of us are completely free & plugged INto God directly, brave & made ready for NOW & for whatever is to come, The Source, The Indivisible God The Creator ofALL for the Highest Greatest Good of ALL (God's pure will & pure unconditional love for Creation).

Our mission field for God is NOT confined to anything nor anywhere & most certainly NOT legalistic binding wills to any form of tyranny.

We energy spiritual healing guides also are very activatly restoring OUR Human Sovereignity on every level here in the US & Globally first in ourselves, our hearts, our homes which then radiates out INto vastly networked communities local to global.

You say, wow I don't hear about that?

My reply why do you think that is for a second?

Is there Free Speech here?

NO there is not.

And hasn't been for a long while.

We have been fighting back all along but ignored by the U$A INC dream cha$ing $ellout$ to the unconstitutional of 1871.

So here on my profile I place puzzle pieces I have gathered & share as best as Facadebook will allow me to, flagging & censoring everything connecting to documentation except The Truth For For Sake that goe$ again$t the propaganda narritive$.

Many of us see it clearly happening,

all while as some are still entagling their minds in the sociali$m communi$m main$tream propaganda controlled media.

So hence we must pace-antly meet ALL on the grounds they choose to walk...

the whole "walk in another's shoes concept" clearly applies, to help them learn how to recognize their bioenergetical field & the unified field.

It's super simple for empaths, because they already know they feel, they just have never learned that those are called spiritual gifts AND the spirit moves as energy moves.

The kicker is that the energy groups here on Facadebook have not been hit yet because they are being manipulated to teach more programs, according to the CIA Reading Room & FBI Black Vault files & patents. The lettered agencie$ are mind controlling us, yet once we know this we simply over ride the programs by UNtuitively accessing OUR HIGHER Self (called Christ Consciousness in the Quantum Sciences, I focus on thecbiopsychopysiology Quantum Sciences).

Ready yet to bring it ON YOUR TRULY GOD GIFTED SUPER POWERS (spiritual & INto the Light?

There are a few key dates when God Creation aligns key meridian points of Earth. ALL those ups & downs of energy are the energy portals open with others opening.

ALL this is affecting everyone!

To learn more:

I'll be continually be adding tons of content, ALL of it is FREE to acess.

Looking for brave voices to speak UP & help break the ice wide open & help model conversations to include what you are doing in your realms to assist yourself & Humanity.

Because, here's the thing:

ever have seen or see a 3 year old lose their sh*t over wanting candy in the grocery aisle & they can't have it for whatever reasons kicking screaming in a full on raging tandem, ever have a child bite, scratch, pull hair, claw to get the candy. Not many times right? But that also doesn't mean that does not happen more in the collective than what you conceive as the number in your mind.

None of this is easy... that is until you RISE your vibration & learn how to flow for yourself blissfully through the UPs & Downs IN & WITH NEW LIFE. Once that happens, true healing BEgins to deeply unfold withIN seemingly miraculously. Believers know manifestation well although many simply falsely attribute it as coming from someone else out there when God is clearly alive in the INside of us. Our breath filled with the Holy Spirit/Christ Consciousness. The ego blocks the Holy Spirit. How long will it take for ALL Humans to unblock their Holy Spirit from withIN?

Well, that depends... but for now WE ALL pace-antly wait with unconditional love pouring forth watching excruciatingly slow dawn for those unconscioisly choosing their suffering.

Suffering is truly just a freewill choice, to many in the collective's disbelief.

It only takes the souls curiosity to rebel the mind control. WWE all have been, some of US are out & freely reaching for those fumbling in their darkness. It sure is dark in many comment sections. Yes, I read the M$M po$t$' comment sections along with all the other myriad platforms for my other groups thankfully thrown out of here NOW more than UP & running well before Facadebook, too, goes down.


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