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Paradigm Shifting aka Change Does Not Just Happen: WE Create Change in the 3D with Buying Power

Ever notice that when someone lands a job provided by in-doctor-nation$' "rat racer$" that most cheer, but when some one uses their freedom as INtended actually creating multidimensional & affirmative benefits that there's mums the INTEREST much less word?

Why is it that normal for the collective is normalized dis-homeostasis?

And truly there are MUCH more than just these two sides of the same coin.

Virtual Reality is NOT relegated to machines that limitedly mimick less than what the Divine Human Potential IS. Machines already are only just a small representation of how limited the ego is. Don't get me wrong, the ego has its place, but NOT as the driver of this Divine Vehicle we call The HUman BEING. Perhaps look up what Hu means to ancient scholars sometime


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