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Parenting & The Art Whole Life Education ebbing & flowing across life & multi generations at a time

Parenting & Whole Life Education with time is a harmonized symphony, with cacaphonic feedback that scratches records. Unconditional love gently turns cacaphony INto the Harmony we choose to create INto existence.

Love love love you Elisabeth Jordan Westbrook to the moon & back for ♾💖🌟🌈

Forever there will be people who agree and disagree. People who send hugs from long distances and those who are ready to rip a person to shreds.

And I suppose, that's the beauty (and curse) of social media. Of being able to sit behind a screen. Judgement is easy and so incredibly destructive.

Just this morning I lost EVERY FIBER of my cool and couldn’t type fast enough. Venomous lies being spewed behind the safety of a screen about one of my (adult) children. And honestly, I’ve never done that before. I’ve never taken it into my own hands to send a private message this person most definitely needed to hear. My daughter didn’t need me to fight her battle, but this mama couldn’t remain quiet another second. (PS- This has been going on for over a year. The woman I messaged, of course, didn’t care what I had to say and defends her words. Complete narcissist and coward.)

I will always fight for my kids. Not because they’re mine and they need me, but because a back up competitor is sometimes needed.

I will always choose what I feel is best FOR THEM despite what popular opinion may be.

I will always put their needs and feelings before anyone else. And anyone else may even include friends or others close to me.

I may be unpopular, too outspoken, too meek, too opinionated, too go against the flow. I may chose what's most uncomfortable for someone else. And me, too. This life has filled my days with discomfort and worry.

It's not a contest to me.

I will always fight and will never apologize for seeking out what I believe is best. Never. I will also never throw anyone under the bus or purposefully diminish another's feelings or beliefs. We don't have to agree or even look through the same lens. And that's the beauty.

Jesus wasn't liked. He fought for who and what the world places no value on. Am I Jesus? 😂😂😂 Ask my family. But despite my failures and many, many short comings, I will always seek His face and live for only Him. Even if that means losing it all and walking alone.

Elisabeth Westbrook is an awe-mazing mother to several adopted down's syndrome along with her biological children, as well as a BEauti-full-y composed writer. Follow her here in Facebook for more INspiration, INcouragement, & loads of humor.

K.I.S.S. Life, Laugh, & INjoy it ALL.


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