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Perspectives: UP close, far away, & from UP high

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

As the waters flood & rise,

ALL the debris comes floating to the top.

Moving through it:

Swimmingly or floatingly?

Aren't there other ways we can choose to get ourselves UP & out of the messes we collectively have attributed to in the days of our lives?

We are ALL actually IN a massively aligned retrograde right now, withIN an atmosphere of rising frequencies that once turned ON to, are changing the world, despite what others may choose to say & think at any given point IN time.

Time changes.

Times change.

There is an oft repeated phrase that history repeats itself, when the truth is people choose to repeat history. Many of us change ourselves without allowing external changes to change us..... any of which brings YOUnique connotations depending upon one's self created perceptions.

While we are actually moving forward,

it *appears* to be going backwards,

even down the tube fast to some.

Where focus & INtention goes, energy flows.

A massive reflection time is occurring right NOW INside & out of each and every soul on the planet.

There is no escaping the processional rising, healing, & purging atmosphere that is swirling right NOW.

Struggle or surrender?

Aren't there other ways to go about all this, perhaps the INtegrative change many are creating right NOW?

The earthly seasons do change quite easily, no two ever the same, day to day, each day BEing a new day, no two ever the same, for all of time. What we choose today does or does not have to be the same as our chosen yesterday nor our chosen tomorrow.

Habits, those pesky little distractions that we futiley just give away our power to.

Swimming against the current energy,

we feel our selves stretching for each stroke while rushing debris coming at us has a way of hitting us so hard that the force hits us to our core falling INto drowning with struggling to force INto failing INfrastructures & age-old limited wills, ignoring that INfinite possibilities do actually exist.

Shifting INto floating through everything, especially with chaos of debris coming close INto the Light to be seen may feel uncomfortable depending on if we are floating from out of ourselves (holding tethered to something or someone outside of ourselves)

or from INside of ourselves (letting go of life's debris out there INto surrending to oneself INto INnately flowing withIN & through our own Whole BEing's development & evolutionary processes of life.)

If you feel like you are struggling in life right now, you can just keep swimming or floating through it, if you want to.

But, might there be other INfinite possibilities to YOUniquely choose to create... even out of this world's limited mindsets of possibilities?

With chaotic old debris (all the accumulated stuff & emotions of life rising up), both in the collective & the self, to finally be seen, paid attention to, felt, & released, resting the mind, surrending the holds & attachments never serving US well, finally untethering our true highest selves from external holds we grab or that grab at us, fully releasing the insatiable external that is never satisfying enough, we IN turn allow ourselves to INnately BEgin flowing withIN our own YOUnique bioenergetical current, no matter what is going outside of ourselves or who happens to be there, yet still externally of ourselves, as well. WE are more than enough. WE are actually much more powerful than we know & have never been formally taught. Quantum Energy Healing is storming the globe & clearing both the bioenergetical field & the universal energy field.

True Change, true healing, happens first INside & thus then radiates out.

Either way, swimming or floating we most definitely are changing, whether we see it facing forward with it or facing backward against it, or not.

Either way, when inevitable chaos hits, we know it because we most definitely feel it.

How are you feeling today?

Swimmingly, floatingly, ....?


perhaps you've already chosen for yourself to go through many routes in life, releasing everything & everyone out of your control, retrieving yourself & your soul simply to create the unconditional love, joy, & peace IN yourself that brings lasting change for generations ahead as you are NOW choosing continually to fly ABOVE it all, with nothing & no one tethering you to repetitive patterns, & figured out there is no more going with the flow of others nor facing backward ignoring the felt force.

Your unwavering, untethered unconditional love for ALL of *who you are,*

AND any one else,

rising yourself UP & out of the debris filled waters in life below, as well as high above the swirly winds and storms of life,

flying so HIGH INto free flying, free floating Heaven's, & bringing the Heavens you have found back down to Earth.

I've mastered BEing IN the thick of things choosing to model change withIN crumbling & $ickening age old frameworks...and I have found many INvisible hel* raisers there.

I've also mastered BEing IN those same conditions & places... and have found many INvisible Heaven On Earth BEings bringing their Heavens to Earth.

The latter BEing the MOST effective at rapidly changing the self AND the collective world around them FOR the better of the Whole World, one soul at a time.

We each have every present NOW moment and birth-righted freewilled choice to BEcome INside what we want to see out there & choose to create the New World with our INner radiance, the Heaven On Earth, that Humanity desperately craves to create despite the attempts to shackle US back down repeatedly.

Choosing to BE the change we wish to see out there in the World truly only ever happens when we choose for ourselves to change our worlds from withIN.

Choosing is the easy part,

changing oneself is the challenging part.

The Pure Freedom that visibly results withIN & radiates out is worth ALL the time & effort IN the World.

Want to learn more about ageless Whole Life Education?

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