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Posting news with documents in OUR Forum that M$M does not intentionally cover

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

In an effort to "break the ice" & spark open minded discussions of actual reports affecting humanity all around the world, I am posting several documents & links to documents IN THE WE The People Of The World Forum for those interested. Membership is completely FREE & unrestricted, The Source Of Absolute Truth holds no conditions. Birthrighted Freewill is choice in constant motion that INherently comes with myriad consequences, seen & unseen, spoken & unspoken, heard & unheard, learned & unlearned.

There are very intentionally dubious events happening that the "news" here in the USA does not cover (& has been known not to cover the real news here & around the world since the 1990s).

Apathy, complacency, & complicity are NOT, have never, & will never be my chosen modus operandi.

Please feel as FREE as you care to be in the WE THE The People Of The World Forum.



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