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Schumann Resonance: What's currently happening That low feeling is a "pull back effect" like that of a tsunami wave & is a nonverbal energetical expression to rest, process, & prepare for the next growth phase....a touch point to that which is familiar that only feels like regression & is merely an indicator symptom of growth in the unseen before it is seen. In other words, growth unseen is growth yet to be seen no matter if perceived good, bad, or any other adjective in between by any one. There is no way the limited egoic mind of any one knows any one else, much less one's own soul through & through, for whom The INdivisible Creator of ALL knows better than any one ever does. Growth is simply growth by tautology, until we each assign our own perception to it. INtuition, that *knowing* that is never sufficiently nor adequately describeable in babylonese, often is seen as illogical in this $yllogi$tic world, even when the vital changes are happening FINALLY & have been clearly written, yet collectively ignored, on the proverbial walls ALL ALONG. Each soul has Divinely GIVEN freewill & determines what their experiences, any of them, mean to them at any GIVEN point in Time, YOUniquely LEARNED as one's conscious awareness ever expands. Learning is happening no matter what it may or may not look like at any given moment in time to any one else outside the learner. Re-member, each learner only learns what they want to learn when they want to learn it. the Universe does reward the learner, with life lessons to unfold & learn through self observation, but not with humanistic contrivial briberies like candy, treats, trophies, money, not free passes for credit never earned, nor mental, psychogical manipulation to any one's hypotherital woulda, coulda, shouldas. True Learning is INtrinsic, like it or not, occurs in Divine Timing based in Real infinite Time, while teaching is extrinsic, simply a part of The Whole Panacea of Creation, & HELPS signify that WE each & ALL are YOUniquely learning OUTSIDE LIMITED & UNREALISTIC BENCHMARKS CONFINED TO THE LIMITED EGO, which has its benefits obsevering, noting, & piecing together its own patterns. Hence, this post, which merely shows & tells that different people study different tell tale patterns for different reasons at different times. Get ready for an incoming immense sonic boom of high vibrational energies, which will look like any & all manner of things vibrating UP from deep in the dark withIN depending on who you choose to talk with & why. So, this information is what most call a Heads UP: A massive CME blast wave released off the Sun yesterday & takes about 5-7 days to hit earth's atmosphere. Michael, here, & I are not the only two souls on the earth who know how to INtuitively read resonance frequency charts & data by feel before incoming data is picked UP by digital & graphical readers. High energies' vibrations shake UP deep seeded & embedded any thing & everything that does not serve the Whole of Creation Well, including the physical host body's Whole BEing: body, mind, spirit/energy, & soul multidimensionally INterconnected as one with ONE in ALL, like it or not. How to ride these intense UPs & downs? Centering oneself INtrinsically, remaining in flow allowing the current energy to carry you & lift you UP, keep breathing fully to stay afloat, meditate & pray in motion effortlessly, as you rise & as you sleep, as you walk & as you talk, discerning (assessing & reassessing) becomes common sense natural apres pro for the Authentic BEing, however negates the hyper schedule controlling $tatu$ quo. THIS is just the beginning of a massive energetic/magnetic flip of the poles & nothing to fear. Information simply amplifies one's sense of conscious awareness. How we each choose to describe our experiences is where freewill shows in action that which is already within the heart. Feeling low low is simply a nonverbal signal to love that which was previously unlovable withIN oneself, feeling high high is simply a nonverbal signal reminding we are a limited one withIN the Unlimited Whole of not just the Collective of Humanity but ALL of Creation as a Whole. No one nothing, e$pecially NOT articial life$upport, can stop The Force of Homeostasis. To float IN flow with the Law of Multiplication & the Law of Amplification while holding space, both near & far, with low vibers: simply release the futile need to "fix" what you don't understand, that in REALity is not broken, but simply does not fit preconceived conditionalEYESed notions/beliefs. Like it or not, humanity is a part of The Whole of Creation which includes the Universe. We each & ALL are YOUniquely feeling these unprecedented to us changes, whether or not we or any one else comprehends the deeply rooted reasons why just yet. Yes, openly communicate your feelings & emotions as they arise in your consciousness, but know this one MAXIM supercedes all maxims...NO THING & no one lasts forever & has each its own Divine Timing. Presence, no matter what any one thinks it looks like, is the only thing we ever truly exchange in Real Time. Breathe & INjoy The Process of Life Learning, it's ALL about the journey & not the distractive alluring illusion of the destination. The Honest to God's Truth is we ALL come from & return to The Source from which we ALL came, whatever that is we'll re-Member when we get there. All ancient texts report we each meet The Maker event-you-ally. #LifeIsLearningLearningIsLife #LifeIStheTeacherWeAreTheStudents #WholeLifeLearningGentlyRocksTheWorldsCradles #QuantumSciencesAreREALSciencesToo #QuantumHealingExists #INTheQuantumRealmITisCalledChristConsciousness #UnconditionalLoveIsPricelessAndHealsALLSouls #UnconditionalLoveWINS #PassingFreelyForward #AuthenticityChallenge #TakeItOrLeaveIt #FreewillIsFreewill


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