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Surfing with the waves & flying with the winds of life are kinda like the ups & downs we often feel.

Ever hear The Divine Indivisible God The Creator of ALL (and whatever you wanna watchmacallIT) clearly call YOU? It could feel like an unexpected wooshing change of our plans... however, since I was a teenager I heard God clearly tell me, "Expect nothing, freely give unconditionally, & unbelieveable to skeptics, miracles just naturally & continually unfold!

"Expect the unexpected" is a saying I grew UP with hearing my Dad say all the time. And God amplified it. Especially when I started asking LOTS of questions!!! Like when, where, & why why why. 😅 Have I ALWAYS listened attentively each & every time? I do try to, be as the world's caphony can be SO LOUD sometimes, I can allow myself to get distracted. (how this applies to teenage classes I have worked with, I'll share another time.)

It is this one of many messages coming through saying, "some soul(s) out there may resonate with this & find they synchronously receive the lift they need.

Metamorphosis: Like plans, answers to our will for goals, prayers, or meditations don't always work out like we think they should or ought to or really, really want to? Yes, prayer partners put intentful love in their prayers, but often they freely share their worry, worry, worried mind, too.

Sometimes we are reminded when we hold on too tightly that surrendering & letting go ALL of our limited human will (ego) to the Omniscient UNIversal Will of God for us AND for ALL around actually allows for us to free ourselves UP to experience something we "never" dreamed of (or did we?? and just do not remember) to reveal amplified miracles we never would have ever asked for had we actually gotten what we were asking for & wanted so "badly."

By Dad, incidentally would also gently warn me, "Care-full what you ask for. We never really know how things will work out until they are already worked out, & sometimes that can leave you with an empty expectation that was never yours to begin with."

So as this very unplanned week offered MANY huge waves crashing in in cowabunga style to go out & flow with with "balance" (wa wah wahhh wahhhh kinda balance! 😅)...

Monday started with a crash "with me in the middle"...funny how sometimes we "happen" to *find* ourselves in not-so-funny situations... Monday's roll led to this past week building SO much powerful momentum ROCKETING & LAUNCHING ME UPWARD that was channeling through me with a flow like a huge dam burst! 🤩 BREATHING took on a whole new dimension in INtuitive meaning.

To synchronously see this today is not a coincidence to me. As, I have worked with others who have felt it, too, coming in crashing, turning, & twisting & back UP with the rolls, rolling just like the "unseen," "unheard," and "unsung" CHAMPIONS THAT THEY EACH TRULY ARE RISING UP.

After MANY months asking God when shall I launch my newest project that I've been actively working on for 18 months...having got the repeated answer hold, hold, HOLD caution, hold... last Thursday God answered without me asking nor hearing with an attentive ear and with the click of a button sharing a wee test video, I paused, breathed in, & let out a big sigh. After I pressed the button, I had a HUGE flock of butterflies pop UP in my stomach. I thought oh no, I'm out there?! Oh God, what do I do now. The reply emphatically was, "You heard, didn't think you did, & you just did it! NOW, GO GO GO, Run, don't walk, take off & fly!!!" And since, well well well, I've felt I've needed to ground myself anchored to the whole entire Earth so I don't fly off into space somewhere 🤣 On Monday, IT wasn't even me driving my van nor was I in it. And I had no clue how the rest of the week would unfold. But... the BEautifullness of freely sharing unconditional love with ALL others has brought not just 5 souls unexpectedly together in the middle of everything else going on ALL around, but has drawn many souls near simply needing a lift.

We ALL have "gotcha ya" IN us especially when we REALLY need each other.

Unexpected helpers show up as others are "stepping out."

It's awe-mazing to me how miracles happen like that! Embrace yourself! You got ya! And if you need a lift with unconditional love, me & many like me are RIGHT HERE, & I'll not only OFFER you a hand up, but I'll also plug you INto SOME awe-mazingly powerful lovers of "God" of MANY, MANY names who with US ALL, are riding the huge waves with their own YOUnique GO-WITH-THE-FLOW Divinely INtuitive styles.

What we give out most definitely comes back, but that by no means equates to "no more trouble in the world" coming your way.

There are MANY souls who don't really comprehend yet that unconditional love with "no more trouble" is what they are wanting, but have never really experienced it before for themselves & they are seeking it to possibly never find it- perhaps for a day or two or many the seas may appear to look like glass. you can see through, Storms have a very way of rolling in & rolling out. Some with a fierce it feels the house is gonna just break apart at the seams. We never really know others by looking at their surroundings or merely skin deep. It truthfully is feeling with a heart filled to over flowing with unconditional love purely because you KNOW what it's like to have fudged up in life yourself & received open arms saying, "It's OK, we all miss seeing things, it's just a thing. You good? Here I gotcha, offering a lift UP, a dust off, a hug, & a K.I.S.S."

Such a POWERFUL life changing seed for others that we don't even see the sprout emerging until it pops right up when the Light bulb finally comes on!

Unconditionally loving yourself self so you can hold space with your heart for your family, & friends is quite important, sometimes in the undertow we'd rather not admit to ourselves just how hard it is to love our VERY imperfect selves that the challenge of loving "difficult" people can appear to be not worth it.

Oh dear souls, unconditional love for ourselves & others is the closest we will ever get to being "perfectly" imperfect.

Hold your babies while they are young, pick them up when they tell you quite emphatically they really need you, & your hands to connect with their pawing & grabbing UP & outreached hands, to be lifted up to your hip for a Higher View.

Teens for sure tell anyone who will listen that they are too big to be held at the hip, & they certainly will say quite forcefully that they DO NOT WANT handouts doled out with conditionally bribery & persuasive "soft" manipulation any longer- they have experienced the unreasonable, illogical, invalid, hypocrital, & fearful pleas have not worked out & they are ready to BE TRUSTED with their own Divine INtuition to try their hand & riding the waves. The ones who've experienced the "I'm truly here for you NO MATTER WHAT" naturally lend a lift up to others around them. You see, non of my children were driving my car. I said OK to her and her friend who is a couple of years older. She drove like I asked "there," but on the way back it had been down pouring and she didn't feel all that great with her 16 1/2 yo old skills to drive & asked if "they" would drive for her. The lanes are narrow in these hills & it just "happened" I a hair pin turn that both drivers were a wee bit over the "no painted lined" boundary. Loving them ALL through it, each step through the still unfolding process with each involved is challenging, to say the least. But it's really ALL okay. Many of us don't remember, even when "hard pressed" exactly the DAY when they had their last hip ride happen for them, until it's a "faded" memory of yesterday!

Breathe INjoy every NOW moment for whatever it is, cause when the "shiat hits the fan" you'll already have BEen flying all along with your Higher Mind that INnately is unbiased & non-judgmental. People have always called me flighty, especially in middle & high school 😅 I can tell you more truthfully than my mates back then, that I have always been quite flighty & have to come to shore often to catch my breath & anchor my feet on shifting sand, especially in energy storms I have ONLY come to realEYES in the last 5 years; and, my Divine compass has ALWAYS been 180° off of the world's compass! Every time I find myself without an Earthly map, I find I have to simply just turn around to get going in the "right" direction for here🤣 I've also crashed my car into someone by accident before (in high school)...not just once (again I my early college years, oh dear deer! I'll save that for next time.) 🤣🤣🤣

💖🌟 plan or no plan, THE DIVINE PLAN will ALL unfold the way it is happening in the NOW (ith ALL its own unforeseen INfinite consequences with ALL their unknowns for the hypotheticals in the experience of Life naturally unfolding). And KNOW "it" never ends up exactly, perfectly as any one or even many may plan!

K.I.S.S. Life with unconditional love, & you, too will discover that "keeping it super simple" works out miraculously. 💖🌟 And praying for God's Will with groups sounds much, much more like the praise & worship The Divine intended our gatherings of any kind, any place to BE.

#SpeakTruth #LifeIsLearningLearningIsLife #ReleasingAndFLYingONLYseemsScareyUntilYouActuallyDoIt #WavesAreEasistToRideWITHTheFlow 🌊🏄‍♀️ #YouAlwaysComeOutSomewhereDifferentThanWhereYouStarted #AdolescenceISScientificallyMetamorphosis We just do not choose to see it for what it IS when the world of peoples in it want to so desperately grip to "toddlers-in-adult-bodies" that cannot be taken back, & never were "had" to begin with. KIDS & their parents are FAR MORE INtuitively SMART than we ever give graceful & merciful "credit."

Science experiments are to strictly adhere to *The Sientific Method* for ONE VERY CLEAR REASON... when things do not work out as hypothetically planned, try as any one or many might to keep fudging around with the outcome as if it should be erased, canceled, thrown out, & cut out, it ALL just means the statements constructed with hypotheses *need* to be brought back to the drawing boards.

No one is too old, nor too "expert" enough, nor is too good for... colored pencils, blank paper, & a vision to put up on the board to remind us what we really would like to be aiming for. Plans are not always as good as they are used. Some plans worked for a while long ago (when we were "little" perhaps), but definitely *need* reworking "on the fly" & some do need to be completely stopped.

Life, with its EACH NEW DAY, has its own INherent way of CONSTANTLY changing & morphing... and WE must simply just open up when YOUniquely ready to let our new-to-us-again wings dry off & BEgin to try at flying on our own.

Fully INjoy the Summer Season, as you FREELY choose, wish, care, or dare. We have a little less than 3 months, & we just got started. It will be over with time & we'll reflect with the fact that unconditional love, with ALL hypotheticals aside, sure made it super special no matter what or how it will unfold to be. Simply know you are WILDLY Unconditionally Loved for exactly & YOUniquely who YOU are by, what seems to many "unseen" and "unheard," The Almighty Universal Pure Love That The Divine Indivisible God of ALL IS.

When we rise together, we fly together.


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