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The bicycle is the slow "death" of the planet?

"Food" for thought

Euro Exim Bank Ltd. CEO gave economists pause when he said:

"A cyclist is a disaster for the country's economy: he doesn't buy cars and he doesn't borrow money to buy them. It does not pay insurance policies. It does not buy fuel, it does not pay to have the car undergo the necessary maintenance and repair. It does not use paid parking. It does not cause major accidents. It does not require multi-lane highways. It does not become obese.

Healthy people are neither necessary nor useful for the economy. They don't buy medicine. They don't go to hospitals or to doctors. They add nothing to the country's GDP.

On the contrary, each new McDonald's store creates at least 30 jobs, employing 10 cardiologists, 10 dentists, 10 expert dieticians and nutritionists, as well as of course the people who work in the store itself ".

Choose carefully: a cyclist or a Mc Donald? It is worth thinking about? Taking action upon? How does this ideology influence your behaviors & beliefs?

PS: walking is even worse. Pedestrians don't even buy a bicycle.

"It's" been a global economic war happening incrementally throughout eons of history that has conceived many ponze schemes that have scammed & enticed humanity Pavolian style into willfull & unwillfull slavery to the $y$tem$ built to trap humans. Some will sacrifice any one & anything for money, including themselves $elling their $oul$ into someone else's per$ua$ion$ of what the good life looks like. The question really is what does the good life feel like? Does the good life look like a good job or good education? Do jobs & education predominantly sought serve us & humanity well? Does your "job" or "work" serve as your soul's passionate mission in this life? When our work BEcomes our purpose work and our INnate curiosity never tires of learning, how we define work BEcomes our true INjoyment.

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