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The Healy- A Biofeedback Map To Whole Health That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand

So how do we each know which way to go NOW?

Have you seen, read, & learned what all those adverti$er$ are pu$hing into our buffet of feed$?

A lot of in-form-ation is found to be spot on truth, most of it is illogically & invalidly laced $elling the idea$ that their product$ & branded line$ of product$ are end-all-be-alls.

Truth be told, YOUnique miracles happen for some individuals, but not all.

Why? Well, simply because when we are faced with the weight of dis-ease, we find ourselves grabbing at $traw$ unconscious to what is driving our intentions. Ever try what has helped your friend to discover it really doesn't help you at all? We don't need to wallow in suffering envy.

We simply need better maps, and they are out there.

When we realEYES our INtuition is our best map, in-form-ation then BEcomes tools we decide how to use when we need to use them?

How do we know what tools, supplements, & supplies we need & how much do our YOUnique bodies need & not need to be taking anymore?

Healy is a revolutionary energetical tool that also happens to be a map.

Healy is a microcurrent biofeedback medical device that fits in the palm of the hand that is the collective work of over 150 years worth of experiential trials performed by honest physicians & their patients that have helped MANY correctly navigate & refuel themselves with essential-to-them energy frequencies finding their way back to Whole Health & Well BEing. The USFDA finally cleared the Healy for the US Market in May of 2020. I purchased one then & have since been using it with myself, family, friends, & clients, along with a whole host of freely available modalities, as well as helps us know what we are missing & can add to aid our YOUnique healing processes.

Healy scans your entire body, energetical field, & radiating aura. Healy not only tells you where you are currently standing in your health, it also exactly dials up healing frequencies that your body needs & tunes them directly to you in the moment.

Healy has frequency programs that include essential minerals, plants, essential oils, the homeopathic Materia Medica, Bach flower remedies, and much, much more, plus it not only is used for humans, but pets, plants, & nonliving things, too. This personal microcurrent medical device is making huge tsunami waves that the natural holistic medicine world is riding high with ease. The company is growing, developing, & adapting in these global BEeautiful "move forward" times.

We all are evolving, metamorphosizing, healing, and awakening each in our own Divine timing & on our own YOUnique paths.

This is a very brief introductory video about the Healy:

Demonstration using Healy with a dog showing how easy it is to use & some of the things it does:

Where are they sold, how much do they cost, & how do you get one for you & your family as you YOUniquely navigate your way forward?

NOW until the end of June, Healy is offering up to $1000 off their various Healy models. They currently offer options ranging from the base Gold model for layman home use all the way to the advanced Healy Holistic Health model preferrably used by holistic physicians & practitioners aiding & guiding their patients in taking the wheel of their own & their family's health care.

I currently work with family, friends, & clients here & all around the globe sharing & teaching MANY interconnected wholistic modalities focused on Quantum Healing Energy Medicine & Whole Life Education that interconnectedly advance healing & maintain homeostasis of the mind, body, energy, spirit, & soul.

My soul INtention is to INcourage & INspire those seeking better pathways toward Whole Health & Well BEing and reconnect with joy to their soul mission in this life: To simply BE awe-mazingly who they were Created to BE.

I am also networked with MANY specialists in MANY interconnecting fields & I help navigate & get connected to honest physicians who truly want to see their patients independently thriving. Money is not our goal, working ourselves out of the business of dependency is our goal. Our health is our personal responsibility, & the Act of 1986 financially spells that out so clearly that the insurance racketeers follow $uit, laughing all the way to the bank as they continue to echo, "if you die, you & your family will be $orry," as if death is not already a known fact. When & how will we each die, well that's not left up to each of us, but what we choose to think, say, & do does effect the nature of Divine timing. In the meantime how we choose to spend not only our money, but our time & energy matter more than many care to admit to what is essentially necessary & what is no longer necessary at all. Procedures that $upport the e$tabli$hed & poi$oning $ick care $y$tem are paid with in$urance laundered in many loop$. Modalities that support true health & well BEing simply do not keep profit$ turning, AND in the long run $ave us con$umer$ more dearly than we first expect.

For those interested in learning more about the interconnectedness ENERGY- of truly healing modalities & honestly healthy options that are little known to the collective whole of humanity, but are readily available & working won-ders in different ways for different people finding them and experiencing very positive changes for themselves, I have created this website that I AM currently, organically & authentically adding to. The platform I have chosen here also works as a social platform for subscribers to connect, share, & teach one another.

If you're interested in learning more about what I am doing & offering those who are interested in joining me from time to time, please feel free to subscribe to

I share & expand on a lot of many interconnected topics. Whatever it is that I share please take & share with others what resonates for you. Whatever does not resonate for you yet, simply leave as you pass by.

I also work with those interested in YOUniquely shifting their lives to feel better & achieve Whole Health & Well BEING. Please feel free to check out my newest endeavor, an affordable monthly subscription that I share the Enery Healing Practitioner "secrets" I have learned over 35 years, & joyously ever learning more & more, with subscribers that they can immediately, freely, & INtuitively use right away. My hope is to teach others how to learn that we ALL have the Divine Potential to heal ourselves & thus help heal the world.

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