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The Science is NOT settled, it is CORRUPT!

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

The Science is NOT settled, it is CORRUPT!

along with every organized human system that was infiltrated & hijacked a VERY LONG TIME AGO. Not all masks are visible to the naked eye.

How open minded are you?

Do you have the universe, God's creation, all figured out?

Surrendering one's egoic will does not mean losing yourself or anything else, rather one gains the remembrance of the INnate "discovered" withIN their curiosities INtuitively leading the way.

Here in this Q&A,

HONEST Physicians & Scientists explain their deep exploration & findings they have gathered over 30 years. We have not been blinded nor silenced, merely intentionally not publicly shown nor publicly heard...many simply know not what they say & do, and we all living in this time have been methodically lied to & duped, we've all simply known not what we have said & done up until our Own YOUnique & Divinely Timed INternal Great Awakening.

🌟💖👀👂 if you choose, wish, care, or dare to do so:


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