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Trace Minerals INterconnections to "education," "economy," & over all health & well BEing:

Trace minerals? What are they? Why are they little widely known & *gravely* misunderstood?

And how are Trace minerals INterconnected WITH "education," "economy," & over ALL health & well BEING?

Trace minerals are essential, keystone building block nutrients found in soil, transferred to & uptaken by plants & animals through decomposed organisms (such as plant & animal detritus & decomposed shell powders) that hold VITAL ENERGY human mental & cellular functions rely on for proper & clear neural communication as well as help transport larger nutrient molecules across intestinal & cell membranes which increase actual absorption of essential minerals vital to homeostasis. INtake, UPtake, and absorption occur by electron-ic frequency magnetism in the invisible & inaudible energy field surrounding each & every atom, molecule, & compound, including nutrients, connection is vital in many more ways than just one.

So why the mass confusion, disconnection, & where do authentic opportunities vastly amplify in helping clear up the collective population's misunderstanding of vital in-form-ation?

Here are two articles that expand the mind outside the barring walls of indoctrination (ensued by the plight of the 1963 Congressional adoption of The Communist Manifesto establishing compulsory indoctrination of masses, among many things) & hopefully INcourage & INspire the foundational value of True INtegrative learning that cannot ever be bound within brick & mortar walls of segregatedly taught institutions.

Subjects used to be taught integratively showing & telling through practice with actual life experience the INfinite INterconnections that INfinitely expand the fields of life learning.

Very few Americans see, nor care to even admit to themselves, the Truth that our "education" $y$tem$ & economic $tucture$" are based off the corporate model of the USA, INC (est. with the very unconstitutional & highly illegal "legalized" ACT of 1871) which is a top down (pyramid $cheme) segregated model with CEO$ calling the $hot$ regardle$$ of the very real diminished value they extend to $hareholder$.

This Republic of These United States of America established that WE The People are the rightful managers of our nation, and WE *were* doing a fine job FREELY for ourselves AND the World before John Dewy ushered in the $egregated indus$trial conveyor belt model of homogenized $tandardization$ that tell tale$ that no monoploized one-size-fit$-all approach will ever work for vastly YOUnique humans. Many do not choose to $top themselves to realEYES that with the compulsory segregated school model as it $till $tand$ to this day is segregated, divided & separated by age, class, subject, gender, religion, & now once again with a raging revival for segregation based on the MANY BEautiful colors of the The Human One Race.

Revenge & violence are power, control, & abuse tactic$ that NEVER solves problems.

Activating knowledge through free open discussion & free open markets (with once protective laws barring monopolie$ from ho$tage takeover$) that have taken the form$ of heavy handed bribery deal$, $mall company $eizure$ based on deliterriou$ly "legalized illegal laws," that if monopolizer$ feel the mu$t will blaspheme, destroy, & even murder to plunder, loot, & pillage the good works of MANY authentically BEautiful human ideas that actually show counter hard evidence again$t the delu$ional greed for popularity, money, power, & control and overall lack of concern and true compassion for Humanity's over ALL health & well BEing.

A recent survey (April 2021) of less than 1,1000 participants reveals just a small slice of the bigger picture that has been plaguing the world for a very, very long time; and NO, it's not viruses "out there" that plague the world...the resonating ill consequences of weakly structured ideas are much more viral and come from withIN humans that radiate out...will the fact that Americans, & the BEautifully Diverse World of Humanity, are actually in the process of BEing truly re-educated? Will the return of Life Learning NOW go viral???

"Given these findings and the importance of micronutrients for health, informing Americans about fortification may be a key educational opportunity to help them make healthier food decisions." excerpt from:

Life has always been created one human perceptive reality at a time that resonates from withIN to the collective consciousness. What one freely chooses to consume for themselves of what "leaders" project & INject INto their own mind, body, heart, gut, spirit, & soul, hold implications WE as Humanity can never truly see with our own very limited two eyes- generational roots & their INfluences far extend current realities, and history, science, religion, math, language, & literacy are a testament often overlooked simply because people have been taught what to think, NOT HOW TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES.

Are WE ALL repeaters of ill history (revenge) or some of WE ACTUAL TRUE WORLD CHANGERS FOR THE WHOLE HEALTH AND WELL-BEing OF HUMANITY, which both start in our own minds, bodies, hearts, & homes.

Choice is a birthrighted freewill endowed to EACH & EVERY HUMAN BEing by The Creator of ALL.

And if that is a forgotten concept, try getting a 2 year old to swallow a "big fat pill" you think they should, to the extent that many try cramming "their limited intentions built on self righteousness" down the throat $lathered in a $poon full of $ugar or a "you will take this or else..." approach has NEVER been of sound mind. Neither has, "you'll sit here strapped in this chair until you do."

Come on man, what & who gives a crap... lest anyone forgets it was toilet paper that flew off the shelves first. WE collectively need to deal with the $hit we fear in our own minds that is NOT real until we each choose to create a matter out of nothing but $hit.

I, myself, choose to deal with my own crap & NOT alone; AND, I personally in my own life choose to create World Change *not* by forcing others to perceive, think, say, or do as I do. I simply, humbly, organically, rawly, authentically create the change I wish to see in the world I create for myself that I then choose to FREELY share with anyone who wants & cares to learn more than they were never intentionally taught. Removing the heavy hand of past generations off the necks of OUR FUTURE occurs one generation at a time.

Our health & the $elling of our nation's children to the $y$tem$ WHO do not care & continually pu$h & $cream fal$ified in-form-ation created purely to bol$ter bottomline$ that drain the VERY REAL potential values of humanity is more than just evident.

What are your generationally inherited ideas & values? And what is the inheritance of ideas you choose to leave for those who will come after you?

Each soul is freely allowed to ask hard questions, and there are NO EASY ANSWERS.

Change requires action & the action we each create for ourselves very YOUniquely absolutely do affect the HERE & NOW that will echo & resonate far into the future after WE ARE ALL LONG GONE.

What kind of change are you creating?

Too much or too little of any one "good" thing can & does kill more than the body.


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