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Healing Traumas With Quantum Spiritual Energy Healing

For me as a Quantum Spiritual Energy Healing Guide, I share by ways of lots of personal experience working with trauma of myriad degrees, my own as well as others:

1) every client guides me as much as I do them and are among my best teachers. We truly help heal each other simultaneously.

2) it is after a few sessions of getting to know each other (exactly when roots of perspectives detailed in symptoms of biological autonomic responses immediately reveal themselves)

and working with one another to release energetical & neurological blocks INevitably is when self analyzing pops up deeply embedded triggers followed by protector modes that once served and INdicator symptoms that have become addictively paid attention to.

3) the massive turning point of MANY micro shifts (mostly unseen until heard, helping the picture of one's own perspectives to BEcome clearer) is in INventoring ones own beliefs & getting down to the brass tacks of:

a) what is serving us & others well

b) what is NOT serving us & others well

The FLIPPING & REFRAMING therpeutic modality of rewriting systemically negative loops INto systemically positive loops lubricating the breakthroughs of metamorphosis with pure Unconditional Love Miraculously Heals The Entire Whole BEing.

Actuating our healing INto real time miracles simply is governed by our INtentions, spoken & unspoken, seen & unseen.

There is a grave misunderstanding about what unconditional love is & so as I work with other Healing Guides we will help exchange with one another our unconditional love to refuel our own ongoing healing process so that we can continually serve our clients WELL who really need a lot of unconditional love poured INto them as they learn a very foreign & new-to-them concept that the collective somehow or many loves to hate.

Trauma, energy blockages, behavioral & physical symptoms, & spiritual blocks all correlate & pinpoint targets exactly where systemic dyshomeostasis is occurring & bottleneck jamming lighted neurolinquistical pathways through the body.

The Sonic Boom Effect aka Light Bulb Ah ha moment is exactly when transition BEGINS. Like natural birth that us the very point when giving UP & can't take it anymore mf BEcomes forefront & is a huge indicator to release all contractual force through the ekease of the breath. Breathwork is the fastest & easiest self care bridge modality & on the ready in every NOW present moment. Surrender, release, & glide right INto Life with Joyous Lightness adorned with INvisible wings to fly HIGH. True Compassionate Happiness awaits on the otherside of shadowy veils (or also referred to as breaking through glass ceilings that really are turning into liquid before we notice).

To learn more & explore the Universe of Quantum Healing check out this free webinar:

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