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Unconditional love conducts a symphony of free wills without force

The best career I ever chose was in BEcoming a Whole Life Educator in 2000. NOW I have an even better career adding in Quantum Energy Healing.

While some may believe socialization happens in highly restrictive schools that have long resembled prisons, TRUE learning, freedom, & self governance BEgins in the heart of the home.

I LOVE that the wide open expanse of all my winding paths through the densities of life lead me to the most BEautifully dreamy days.

I love awe-serving (silly play with the word observing).😍

Unconditional Love is the elixir to instantly manifest change that yields amplified instant manifestations across generations!!

Below is what you can see of a quick progression of a family I have had the pleasure to freely extend my heart, my skills, & my talents with BEautiful reception.

What you cannot hear are the conversations the mom and I have had sharing INspiration, INcouragement, and K.I.S.S. ideas that are ALL morphable given who & what is freely already present. The non-scripted life INfluences brave souls of all ages who speak the truth gently with self controlled boundaries structured with pure unconditional love for oneself first that INnately radiates INto the World.

This mama INjoys candy like a kid, too.

She's is a really fun soul friend, and we have fun playing & exploring together, too, like kids.

Playing while adulting is a BEautiful balance that creates life INto INjoyable NOW moments that last a lifetime of authentic happiness.

Game changers WE are, & have been for decades. Community sports are NOT the same in the World of Whole Life Education. WE teach that life is not a competition with others where deep struggles lead to physical & mental damage deeply INternal of oneself & others. WE each teach that the only competitor in life is the self.

WE are leveling UP the playing fields to INfinity and beyond!

Shine ON, ALL you crazy diamonds!!!


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