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Updated: Oct 11, 2022

If you give a kid (of any age) a book, the Whole Universe of INfinite potential BEcomes ALIVE.

A vesseling of the PRICELESS VALUE of unit studies & The Whole Life Learning Mind-full-to-flowing-ness approach to education CHOCK FULL OF RE-SOURCES:

This book parably describes my soul calling quite BEaut-i-fully, however I do choose to wear very different clothing than the main character ๐Ÿ˜‚

To create this book INto a Whole Life Learning educational unit study:

Add blank art paper (homemade is super fan) & some colorful utensils of multiple mediums for listeners to freely create as they listen.

Accompany with healing frequencies as a healing centered background.

With whoever wants to help prep,

serve up some structured water (simply clean filtered with only H2O remaining & swirled creating a "hurricane" creates marvelous restabilazation of water)

Garnish with an organic lemon or orange slice or berries or mint sprigs.

Add a snack of REAL food not processed of whatever you have on hand already.

Even grab a tote & any "picnic" blanket and head outside where you all can BE on the grounding earth.

If the kids want to play, simply allow them to do what they temporarily know to do BEST. (The unlimited potential POWER of free play exploration-referred to as free-range among "alternative" educators- at all stages & ages of life is so gravely misunderstood by the collective. Running about for kids is their Divine Creation & it just so happens is a life built-in, neurologically proven, releaser & stabilizer of flow that frees energy blocks of pent up energy that when not allowed to be released express very preventable ADD, ADHD, ODD, & a whole host of $ociety'$ created di$order$.)

Read aloud or take turns with willing growing readers who INjoy reasing aloud to whoever wants to be withIN hearing range (indoors or out of doors). Kids INnately comprehend the science behind "again, again, again." SO read their favorite read alouds as many times as often as they ask withIN reason of the readers's logic-istics, of course. (or video yourself reading their fav read alouds to them they can play back for themselves any time)

(If at bedtime & as gratitude prayers talk about y'alls '2 highs & a low of the day")

INtuitively take a walk & notice what plants you see growing. Look UP their exact identification & life cycle using handy take-a-snap Apps.

Allow yourself & those in your midst to dream of garden additions to seed later.

Study different seeds & their different sprouting cycles by sprouting different seeds different ways in different mediums.

Research Fibonacci and Fibonacci's Number. Notice how seeds, petals, leaves, & even the lemon, orange, & berries all show revelations of the Fibonacci spiral pattern. Explore succulents & pineapples, artichokes, & various other species' embryo patterns that reveal Fibonacci's number.

Explore whatever books you & yourself in your radiant midst at local libraries & bookstores- thrift book stores are SO YOUniquely fun to freely explore and many find out-of-print priceless gems at the cost of just a "pretty penny."

Stop by the store on your way back home if doing this at a favorite outdoor spot sounds INtriguing and pick out & UP a few of these items or any other items y'all find INtriguing in your research together. With big kids allow them to explore by looking up what peaks their INterest or that you or another's INterest leads, allow them to select the items, with them keeping a mental calculation or notepad or note App of what to expect the total to be, allow them to check out the items, help carry bags together. Once back in your kitchen or wherever you find yourself to be (doing these types of studies are WAY FUN with friends, & the adults like to hang out just BEing together as much as the kids do... if not more! ๐Ÿ˜…)

Journal on the artistry paper adding samples of seeds you may select or single specimens too adhere or simply draw (I'm personally not so good at fine detail drawing yet & love photos or videos of specimens in their natural realm best; but, one if my sons & my daughter are phenomenal artists, eyes BEING my daughter's exquisite fortรฉ educating her this way. Plus critters love to photo bomb my pics & vids adding even more multidimensional depth & breadth to the fun studies that trip out the collegiate who study brain scans & neurally lighting firings & myelination processes as it is happening. The power of I AM is immense. Different I AM "XYZ" has profound effects up down & all around the scanned areas of the brain & parts of the body those autonomically command.

If on the road, add some fun jiggle to the ride to & fro or with kitchen adventures try out this awesome NOT For Kids Only Album or another that INtuitively resonates for you:

Music, as well as inaudible frequencies are MUCH more POWER-FULL at altering physical &vchemical structures than the collective currently BELIEVES.

All this can be done with ALL ages any time & could take course in a delicious jamberry packed kinda day OR over a few days OR accompanied with other unit studies over many weeks or months OR however INtuitively & Divinely timed that leaves its healing sweet touch on hearts & souls that form memorable mental reflections long through "old" age.

If this one type of INtuitively adaptable unit study INtriques you, then you'll love the Five In A Row Books!

And if what you see there resonates with you then you may just fall in love with this BEautiful rabbit hole/springboard site:

Paradigm shifting INto Wholly Authentic Living is OFTEN creatively achieved with minimal effort like this with working adults whose created job schedulings are their own.

Life was Created & worked WELL like this for eons & with healthier lives & healthier life spans despite the INduced collective's obsession with morbidity.

Choosing to live life as Created to Live, withOUT fear of danger but knowledge of danger, (that word fear actually originally meant to know, not be scared of or scarred with), and wholly/holy INterconnected & Multidimensionally, is MUCH, MUCH easier than those who have never allowed themselves to experience authentic wholeness simply just don't know yet.

Most importantly allow your previously patterned expectations to Naturally be INterrupted.

INterruptions simply signal the need for a resting break to breathe, & resting the mind in-motion as necessary.

The INnate INtuitive Compass which really requires no explanation unless for one's own necessary logis-tical reasons- like communication with others who are INterested in knowing what you are doing & want to know "where you're at".... continually and forever learning more & more TRULY ESSENTIALLY VITAL LIFE LESSONS the collective has gravely missed out on, only seems crazy & out of place to a flipped upside down & backwards world.

INjoy the process, it just so happens that the biggest challenges in life are the MOST & LONG LASTINGLY learnable, not to mention happily memorable.


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