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Divine Synchronicities always reveal pure unconditional love flowing through the motions of life.

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how ALL the souls in my life share things that eventually are ALL INspiring & INcouraging for me, this one especially.

Freely passing forward the Love, INspiration, & INcouragement with this little gem I find today of ALL days for any one else subtly seeking authentic treasures in life & digging deep withIN to find them.

Nothing has ever been just a mere coincidence to me personally.

I clued INto this BIG time around age 5 when I started learning that when my ears rang a person always came to my mind. Not only did the phone ring or a friend or family member pop IN & UP along my way, BEing the exact person that came to my mind when my ears rang, they'd unknowingly & affirmingly say, "Hey, Portia, how are you, I was just thinking about you."

☎️ Divine synchronicities IN life are oh-SO sweeeet, especially the ones that come seemingly "out of nowhere" right IN perfect time aligned with the "hard" things in life that happen FOR me, not to me. We all YOUniquely help INlighten each eachother that IN turn helps us carry on through our heavy days much lighter & much brighter. True blessings are ALL around. INjoying every second & all the many lessons that forever unfold. ♾

I've always preferred wearing rose colored glasses in life. 😍



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